Chapter thinks Hyde told Jekyll what to write

Chapter 1A lawyer named Mr. Utterson who resides in London begins the story. He doesn’t like being very open and personal with people, but a very accepting man. His cousin, Enfield, and him walk around regularly on sundays to enjoy their surroundings and see what’s going on. Enfield, on their walk, tells a story about an experience he had. He basically states that a weird guy who looked rather odd, walked over a young girl and scared her. He was so disregarded about the mans care and heartless manner. Then him and his cousin continue walking but disregard the story.Chapter 2Utterson arrived home, and expressed his will to a good friend named, Henry Jekyll. But oddly enough it was a friend he has never met or spoke too. The will said that man gets all his things and items and basically his life. He went to Dr. Lanyon’s house and spoke about Hyde. Lanyon seemed to not understand what he was talking abou but then used crucial names to describe the man. Utterson goes home and finds himself up super late. Looks outside at the weird house his cousin talked about and looks for Hyde. He finds him and gets his address. But he learns that Hyde may murder Jekyll for his own will.Chapter 3Utterson goes to a party hosted by Jekyll and brings up his will to Jekyll. Jekyll tries to blow it off and change the subject because he feels somewhat uncomfortable talking about the situation. And to avoid the tension with Lanyon. But they talk about it still, and Utterson doesn’t like the idea of the will as much anymore and Jekyll agrees. Utterson offers help with Hyde, but he insists that he has the matter under control and wants to stop talking about it.Chapter 4One late night Jekyll’s servant sees Hyde get outraged and smash Sir Danvers head in then repeatedly steps on him and crushes everything in his body. She passes out but calls the police the next morning to tell them what she had seen the night before. The find multiple things but nothing to identify the body clearly. They call Utterson and he confirms it was in fact Sir Danvers. Utterson takes the police to Hyde’s house and it is just an old woman who states she hadn’t seen him for a couple months. They find clues and things to show Hyde was part of the murder, and wanted to catch him when he would go get his money.Chapter 5Utterson visits Jekyll’s house when some weird things happen. He accuses Jekyll of hiding Hyde but he says he isn’t. He shows Utterson a letter “written” by Hyde. Utterson starts making assumptions and putting the pieces together and thinks Hyde told Jekyll what to write in his own will. Utterson leaves his room and goes doentsiars where he asks the person working there if there had been and letter deliveries. The person says no, which means Utterson believes Jekyll forged Hyde’s letter since they have almost the same handwriting.Chapter 6Jekyll somehow feels much better and doesn’t invite people to see him anymore. Lanyon becomes horribly sick to the point of death. The police check into Hyde’s past and see that he was a very violent person. Utterson sends a letter to Jekyll complaining about his new rules about visitors and about Lanyon’s state. Jekyll apologizes to Lanyon and understand for some reason and Utterson realizes something else must be going on between the two. Utterson got a letter from Lanyon and he can’t open it until Jekyll disappears.Chapter 7Utterson goes on his walk again with his cousin and see Jekyll in a window. He’s smiling then all of a sudden his face becomes a face o