“Chapter I’ve made my best memories. Me and

“Chapter one:
Prince high school:
Just after Prince high school’s very own vice principal announced my
departure, my body tensed. There’s a long quiet period of silence, as I
turned towards my father. His hands, folded and his head towards his
lap. I stood up and walked out of his office. I didn’t ask to but it was
As I walked down the hallway i thought more about my condition. The
condition that’s getting me kicked out of school. Condition. God I hate
that word.
I grabbed my phone and headphones. They were all tangled up, as per
usual. Music always made life more tolerable. It’s not even like I liked
this school.
I turned. Fred the school hall monitor stood behind me. He looked.. concerned.
“Yeah?” I responded
“Is everything ok?” You look tired.”
I always seemed to look tired and my face would always be intensely pale and lifeless.
“Of course Fred. I just need time”
“Do you need a friend?” He responded
“I’m fine Fred. I’ll text you later”
“Bye” he said
I didn’t reply. I didn’t want closure. Closure means goodbye and Fred
isn’t someone I wanted to say bye to. He had always been so kind. Fred
was in my grade. He’s this tall fluffy haired guy with the bluest eyes
and best smile.
He didn’t have many friends but neither did I. I walked into the school parking lot. “Damn” I said
My dad had drove me to school and I used my money to buy yogurt in the morning. So I had no transportation.
“Hey Mariana?”
I turned to Fred holding the school door open.
“Hey… Fred”
“Do you need a ride I kinda don’t wanna be here anyways” he said
“That would be perfect. Thanks Fred”

Chapter two:
The car ride was quiet and awkward.
Fred tried to start a conversation a couple of times but I wasn’t in the mood.
“Are you hungry? I’m hungry” he said
“I mean kinda” I responded
Fred: “Do you want blue chip?”
Blue chip was this little restaurant with the smallest booths ever.
Blue’s is where I’ve made my best memories. Me and my mom would always
go early in the mornings before school. I would always get a shake with
the cherries.
“Sure” I responded
Chapter three:
After me and Fred went to blue’s he drove me to the tracks. The tracks
are these train railings that trains never go to anymore. Me and my
friend Amaya used to hang out here until she moved.
I walked up to a old milk basket and flipped it over to sit down. I
asked Fred to bring me a backpack filled with stuff so that I could live
out with my friend Victoria in her Rv. Victoria used to go to my school
but she dropped out.
Chapter four:
The backpack Fred brought me had just extra clothes,twinkies,water and a toothbrush. I walked into Victoria’s rv
Victoria: “hey. I haven’t seen you in a long time. Why now?”
Me: “interesting conversation starter”
Victoria: “answer the question Mari”
Mari. Nobody’s called me that in years.
Me: “Um the vp kicked me out of school pretty sure cuz I’m. You know”
Victoria : “that’s really messed up. Why don’t you say anything? Can he even you that?”
Me: “I don’t know but I’m not going back. I’m just gonna keep leaving”
Victoria: “you’re running away?”
Me: “you could say that.”
She was right I just didn’t want to admit that sort of defeat.
Victoria: “it’s getting pretty late so grab a blanket from the shelf and you can sleep in the room”
After I got the blankets I got into this small bed in the back of the
rv. It was surprisingly clean unlike the rest of the rv. The next
morning I woke up. Victoria wasn’t there but she left frozen waffles and
orange juice on the table. After I ate them I decided to walk to the
gas station to get food.
Chapter four:
As I walked down York street to the gas station every post had a missing
poster. None of them were of me but how did my dad feel? Is he worried.
This was the first time I’ve ever done anything like this.
There he was. I had been thinking about him the entire walk and there he
was like magic. Not my step dad. Not the one who was with the vp. My
real dad. My biological dad.
“Hi Mariana” he said.
Thousands of thoughts went through my head.
“I knew you were going to be here but not. Here, here.”
“Why are you here?” I responded
“I heard what happened at your school. I’m so sorry but me and your dad figured out a plan”
Me: “what?”
Dad: “you’re coming with me. Well, You’re gonna come with me to Washington and we’re gonna find you a nice pretty school.”
Chapter five:
“That’s my story. That’s how I experienced injustice. Now even though I
ran away from my problems I had people who cared deeply which is why I
am who I am today” I said as I stood on the pedestal at prince highs
“Here I am. Back where everything started. Where I got transferred for
being different. Never doubt yourself because now I work at a university
down in California where I help people who are different fight for
their rights and prove to the world that they are more than what
everyone thinks, I’m lucky enough to have had people who cared enough to
help me prove myself even though I had this disability. And I

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