Chapter story; a man named Fearenside and

Chapter 1- In chapter one, The stranger is completely covered with clothing. Nobody can see this mans face. All you can see is his pink nose. The stranger makes his way to the Coach and Horses(Hotel). Mrs. Hall, the hotel owner, gives the stranger a room. Mrs. Hall finally sees a little of the mans face and assumes he was in a accident of some sorts. She tries to talk to the man to see what happened to him but the man wouldn’t budge. Instead he asks Mrs. Hall to get his luggage from the Railroad station.Words-Portmanteau- luggageHaggler- bargain persistentlyServiette- table napkinChapter 2- In chapter two, a new character is in the picture now, Mr. Teddy Henfrey. He is a clock-jobber(a person who fixes clocks). That afternoon, he makes his way to the Coach and Horses. Mrs. Hall tells Henfrey that he needs to go to the strangers room to fix his clock. They enter his room without knocking and the stranger was not to thrilled about that. He takes a long time doing fixing the clock because he is trying to look at the face of the stranger but the stranger notices that it is taking Mr. Henfrey a long time to fix the clock. So he tells Mr. Henfrey to hurry up and fix the clock then leave. He finishes then goes downstairs and says to Mrs. Hall that she has a weird man living in that room. So at this point Her and Mr. Henfrey are both very curious about this stranger.Words-Deliberation- long discussionHumbugging- false talk or behaviorGerminated- come to existence and developChapter 3- In chapter three, a new character is brought into the story; a man named Fearenside and his dog. Fearenside brings the strangers luggage to the man and when the stranger grabs his luggage the dog starts to attack the stranger and rips off his glove and pants. The stranger runs back into his room and changes his clothes. Mr. Hall goes to the strangers room to see if he was okay. Mr. Hall opens the door without knocking and sees something strange; but Hall gets pushed out of the strangers room before Hall could figure out what he had seen. The stranger is not hurt and he grabs his bags and starts unpacking immediately. Later on, Mrs. Hall goes to the strangers room with his dinner and enters without knocking and notices that he has very hollow eye sockets, but the stranger immediately put his dark glasses on and gets angry with Mrs. Hall for entering without knocking again. When she enters the room, she notices that it was a complete mess, so the stranger says to bill him extra. At the end of chapter three, Henfrey, and Ferenside start to gossip about the stranger. Fearenside noticed that his legs were black when the dog ripped his pants.Chapter 4- In chapter four, nobody really likes the stranger and they all think he is weird. He never goes to church on sundays and he always takes walks at night. People are thinking he is a criminal. One night Mr. Cuss wanted to talk with the stranger so he did. The stranger was telling Mr. Cuss a story about why his research was taking so long. He told him that some of his research got burned into the fire and the stranger revealed that his sleeve was empty.Chapter 5- In chapter five, the vicar’s house was robbed. They heard a noise coming from his office but did not see a robber which made him very confused.Chapter 6- In chapter six, Mr. Hall notices that the front door of the strangers room  is unlocked and the stranger isn’t in his room. Mrs. Hall goes in the stranger’s room and notices that the blankets and pillows start flying around all over the room, and the furniture starts flying around also. Some villagers started wondering where the stranger went and of course the flying furniture. Finally, the stranger comes out of his room and says that he wants to be left alone.Chapter 7- In Chapter seven, Mrs. Hall and the stranger are arguing about the stranger not paying his bills for the room because the stranger has no more money. The stranger says he found some money and would be happy to pay. This makes many people think that he was behind the robbery at the vicar’s house. The stranger gets so annoyed that he shows the people at the bar that he is invisible.