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5.1 Introduction

In the previous chapter, the researchers
have obtained results from the data collected. The purpose of this section is
to interpret the results and consider the implications of the findings. Thus
the chapter begin with an introduction, implication of study, limitation of
study, recommendation for future research and conclusion.


5.2 lmplication of Study


















5.3 Limitation of Study

were several limitations to the study that could either not be eliminated from
the study design or became apparent during the research process. The major
obstacle that was encountered in this research study was the time and money have always been the
main constraints in almost all research studies. The duration to complete the
research is too short. It only use few months to complete this study where is
conducted during the semester time. The researcher not only focus to do
research but at the same time also need concentrated the assignment and exam
for others subject. So time is very limited because researcher need rush to
complete the study in the shortest time that given. Researcher also spend a lot
of money to print out the questionnaire, report and others document that are
needed in this research.

constraint is the researchers have only prepared an English version of
questionnaire to the respondents instead of prepared the Chinese and Malay.
Thus, it has caused problem to some respondents when answer the questionnaire
because they are unable to fully understand certain questions that have been
asked by the researchers due to not well educated. Thus, they would rather
follow their intuitions to answer it which can cause bias to the result. Too
much and too long questionnaire make respondent need to spend their time to
answer and reading all the question at the questionnaire. It may cause the
respondent impatience to fill up the questionnaire.

limitation is researcher lack of experience in conducting the study because it
is first time doing this research. The researcher still in learning process to
accomplish this research. In this learning process, researcher may faces
difficulty such as method to write the report, lack of using SPSS program to
check the data analysis in completing the research. For the first time to do
this research, researchers also lack of sufficient knowledge in doing this
research. Indirectly, this limitation can affect the result of the study.




5.4 Recommendation for Future Research

            This study has provided an overview of the passenger’s
(customer) toward Sibu airline services. There are provides some
recommendations for improvement and enhancement of the quality for this study.
It can help helps future business and marketers to achieve the research easily.
 The researchers must managed and
allocate time very well due to very limit time to accomplish in this study.
Researcher can create the schedule to make sure all the task can going very
smoothly because schedule can help researcher use the time wisely.
Additionally, researcher can use online survey to cut the printing cost.
Researcher can share the online survey form through the social media such as
facebook, we chat and websites. It also can reduce risk to collect back the
questionnaire compare to using hard copy.

order to avoid bias of this study, multi-language questionnaire is highly recommended,
it should provide different version of questionnaire such as English, Malay and
Chinese. By using multi languages in questionnaires can increase the level of
understanding for the respondent compared to only English version of language
in questionnaire. Besides that, the respondents can choose their preferred
language to answer the questionnaires. It can lead to the accuracy of result because
they would able to understand the research question.

            To overcome the limitation of lack
of experiences in conducting the study, researcher can learn the e-book online
or read more journal or articles to enhance the knowledge to conduct the
research. Youtube also one of the ways of information searching. For example
researcher can learn how to do data analysis. Youtube will provide step by step
learning process to researcher. It can help the researcher to be familiar and
can have a clear information or direction about research that to be conducted.






5.5 Conclusion

            As a conclusion, this portion
summarizes the entire chapter of this study. Customer satisfaction is a
critical business requirement to success their business. Much of the research
into the drivers of customer satisfaction has been based upon cross sectional
analysis at a single point in time. As people always seek quality from what they get, nowadays, firms are more
sensitive and trying to give the best service in order to be outstanding and continue
to compete in the challenging environments. Similarly, in the airline industry, if the airline
company keeps updating its technology, it can get a bigger share in its market.

this study, researchers have discovered some hidden and important factors that
have impacted the level of customer’s satisfaction toward service quality of
Sibu airline service. Based on this study, researcher suggest that the airline
manager should adopt the strategies to improve service quality such as give the
compensation to passengers when the flight delay, improving the facilities in
flight and so on. To be
successful, key factor is to keep the service quality at high level and maintain
this level. Failures will result in service dissatisfaction.