Character Analysis Essay

Christopher doesn’t have a job so on a typical day he would wake up in the morning and go to his special needs school where he would talk to Skibobs about all that has happened to him the previous day and about his feelings. After school he would come home on the bus were his dad wouldn’t be home because he would be at work. He would then do his homework, go to his local convenience store and buy himself something, or he would investigate on who killed Wellington.

Christopher has an odd personality because he can’t tell emotion and he gets confused really easily. He walks away from people who laugh, (because he thinks they are laughing at him), and he would hit someone if they touched him because he doesn’t like to be touched. Christopher is also really good at mathematics and physics but not too good at anything else. These are reasons why he’s different from other people. Christopher most aspires red things because whenever he sees red he feels happy and ends up having a good day.

He also aspires math because that is his favorite/ best subject and wants to be something that revolves math for a career unless he’s an astronaut because he wants to become an astronaut and aspires that too. I think finding his mom and finding out who killed Wellington would make him the happiest because he loves his mom the most and wants to be with her and he wants to be like Sherlock Holmes and he also has a goal and wants to achieve it. Christopher fears most when he talks to strangers or has to talk to strangers because he dislikes talking to people he doesn’t know.

Another fear is brown and yellow things because he hates those colors and he will refuse to touch them. Also whenever he sees those colors he usually ends up having a bad day. He also fears people shouting or screaming at him because he hates when that happens and doesn’t like it. He also fears people touching him because he hates people touching him and will hit the person who is touching him. Christopher biggest past experience that made him who he is, is probably when he found his moms letters that were hidden from him for 2 years.

He was very happy when he found out that his mom was still alive because he loves his mom and wants to see her so that’s why he was very upset and mad at his father who has been lying about his mother and has been hiding the letters from him. This has made him who he is because it made him more independent and more mature because he is investigating random people which are one of his fears so he is getting more independent and mature because he is achieving his goals and is getting over his fears and is being more of a man.