Character Evaluation Essay

Well, since I really do not have a favorite movie that I can recall I have decided to write about a character that my kids often talk about and that is Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. My kids often have questions of why he is the way he is looking so sad, being depressed and so reserved. Eeyore seems to fit on the introverted side of the scale and very low on the extraverted side. He is timid, shy, and doesn’t want to bother anyone, it is because of this he is typically alone. Eeyore’s personality is characterized mostly by introverted responses and actions; he is generally short and usually closed off with everyone.He does not like to seek adventure, but it seems to find its way to him through his fellow characters. He also does not like a lot of activity in his life.

He is pretty content with a very quiet and boring lifestyle. He typically does not show emotion with others unless they are his close friends such as Tigger, Pooh, and the rest of the characters; however Eeyore seems to still be very reserved with them too. He is typically in a gloomy mood, showing signs of being depressed and very lethargic.Eeyore does seem to score higher on the neuroticism scale and he shows many different signs with this side of the spectrum. Some of these signs include moodiness, shyness, nervousness, as well as acting irritable. When he is faced with challenges he often gets frustrated indicating that he has inferior coping skills, as well as he seems to show difficultly adapting within his social responses.

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Eeyore also seems to score low when it comes to being open to new experiences. He likes to be alone in a quiet setting with no chaos going on around him.He never shows any curiosity about anything except finding his tail and he can become “ho hum” when his friends want to help and/or play with him.

Some may say that Eeyore can show some signs of being hostile to everyone around him. One may think that Eeyore is neither conscientious nor agreeable, just “ho hum”. Eeyore puts most of his time and effort in being alone away from his friends and any activities they may plan and/or participate in. At times his friends take their activities to him and he still is shy and non social. Eeyore is very self-involved, and very introverted.

The way his character is portrayed is that of a loner or hermit. He prefers to be alone and this is because of his personality. His attitude is always down and depressed, he is always thinking of the negatives and not the positives. Even though his friends try to bring his spirits up and try to involve him in their activities, he typically shrugs them off. That is just Eeyore.

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