Characteristics of an Expository Essay

The two essays I read were “A Soul as Free as the Air” and “Cochlear Implants”. The characteristics which make these essays expository are that they both use evidence, examples, or facts to explain a concept or facts to inform the reader. The information is presented fairly and in an unbiased manner. “A Soul as Free as the Air” tells the reader about the main points in the life of Lucy Stone. The essay (written in third person) starts with an introduction to who Lucy Stone was and why she is an important woman in Women’s History.

It continues with facts about her life story and her accomplishments. The way the author developed (type of organization) the essay “A Soul as Free as the Air” was written in time order. The information was written from her birth and continues in chronological order. In my opinion, the author would have had a difficult time writing this essay with a different organizational type and I do not think the end product would have been as well written.

This type of writing is the most effective choice because it allows the reader to visualize Lucy and her evolution in life. “Cochlear Implants” begins by giving a little history as well as an explanation as to what the implant is and what it does to help the deaf. The essay (written in first person) continues with the author explaining her experience with traditional hearing aids and ends with her decision to finally get an implant. The type of organization for this essay was written with the informative process in mind.

The essay is written as an informative process as it was written in a natural order and it involves a step-by-step process for the author’s decision to get a cochlear implant. The author could have written this essay in time order. The information could have been written to show different stages of the authors’ life and follow the process in time increments up to her decision to finally get surgery. I believe it was written the way it was to make it more personal to the reader versus putting it into specific time frames.

I believe these essays are alike in the sense that they are both full of information that is easily understandable terms. They way there are different is that “A Soul as Free as the Air” is written in a way that although informative, it has more of a dry undertone. It is written like a history book. The essay “Cochlear Implants” is written in a more light hearted tone which makes the reader ‘feel’ what the author was going through and the tough decision she had to make in order to live a more happy life.