Characteristics of Knowledge and Value Centered Managers Essay

Characteristics of Knowledge and Value Centered Managers Ten characteristics that I thought were necessary for an effective manager are: 1. Leadership – knowledge 2. Vision – value 3. Organization – value 4. Adaptability – knowledge 5. Motivation – knowledge 6. Quality – value 7. Strategic – knowledge 8. Satisfied – value 9. Flexible – value 10. Purpose – value In 200 to 300 words, each characteristic adds value to the organization in a number of ways. First, it helps everyone understand what the manager’s role is.

Then, it helps create a positive work environment. It also establishes organization excellence. There are so many more ways that the above characteristics add value to an organization. I will explain to you more about why I picked those three. In a human service organization, there has to be good leadership skills throughout in times of hardship. This helps people stay together and focused on the job at hand instead of losing its focus. I worked for an organization that never had lots of quality leaders.

They all talked about how bad people were way to much instead of trying to help them become a good worker at the job at hand. Adaptability helps everyone get along with each other and it helps people stop being in others definitions of personal problems. What I mean by this is if the manager talks to everyone and gets to know at least a little bit about who all the employees are, then the clients would get the help that they need in order to have happy lives.