Charlotte some dark teenage years and formed

Bronte is one of English writer in the Victorian age. She is one of novelist in
that age. Charlotte Bronte publishes five novels, they are Jane Eyre, Shirley,
Villette, The Professor, and Emma. In the Victorian age her famous novel is
Jane Eyre. The literary in every age of course reflected the real life and the
social life in that age. This is also happened in Charlotte works. Charlotte
Bronte works reflected the social life and her life in this age. this essay
will highlight about her popular work, Jane Eyre with the reflection in the Victorian
age and the Charlotte Bronte’s life.

Bronte was born on April 21st, 1816 in Yorkshire England. She is the
third children in her family. Her father’s named Patrick Bronte and her
mother’s named Maria Bronte. She has five siblings and three of them become
writers too. When Charlotte Bronte was four, her mother passed away because of
cancer. Charlotte and her three sisters transferred to a spiritual school on
August 1824. Because their family too poor two of her sister passed away after
their father dropped them from the school. Her sisters are Maria and Elizabeth.
After their mother and sisters passed away, she and her siblings always read
about mythical countries. From those reading materials, they started write
about the royal struggles of the mythical countries. Charlotte continued her
study at Roe Head. She became a teacher and caregiver on some families, in
Yorkshire. On June, Charlotte married with Arthur Bell Nicholls. After she
married, she was pregnant. When she was pregnant, her health condition
declined. She is dehydration and malnutrition, caused by excessive vomiting
caused by her pregnancy. Charlotte Bronte passed away with a baby in her womb
on March, at a young age of 38 years old. She had some dark teenage years and
formed her into a strong person.

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 Charlotte Bronte has one popular work, entitle
Jane Eyre. Jane Eyre is a classical romantic novel. This story of the novel
begins when Jane Eyre was 10 years old. She is an orphan. Jane Eyre lives with
her aunt, Mrs. Reed and her aunt’s three children. All her aunt’s children
always disturb and torture her especially Mrs. Reed’s son. Mrs. Reed also does
not like Jane Eyre. She thinks Jane just a burden that she gets. Actually, who
wants to nurture Jane when her parents died is his uncle, the husband of Mrs.
Reed. One day Jane loses her patience and she turns the violent back to John,
Mrs. Reed’s son. But, Jane gets punishment and she locked into a room about
three months. One day she heard that she would be go to a school and educated
there. When she got to the school, she feels the education is worse. She was
educated like a maid. Many of tortures given by the teacher there. Jane also
made a new friend and became her closest friend there. In addition to the
treatment of hard teachers, health is also a big problem in that school. Many
students were infected typhoid and died. This disease also took the life of
Jane’s best friend. Because of the many problems exist, the school is changing
the teaching system and getting better.

Jane Austen was 18 years old, she was graduated from her school. She became a
private teacher for a 7 years old child. This child named Adele Varens, speak
French and cannot speak English. Adele is the foster child of Mr. Rochester, a
landlord who lived in a mansion named Thornfiled Hall ad well as jane residence
from then on. Jane gets very close to Adele because they spend a lot of time
together. In fact, Jane Eyre also has feelings on Mr. Rochester, but she tries
to kill that feelings. Besides their different status, she also heard that Mr.
Rochester has someone to marry. Jane also judges that this woman, Mrs. Ingram
only wants the wealth of Mr. Rochester. She believes that this marriage was for
political purposes only. That is also a day that Jane had to visit her aunt
because of illness. She was only given 2 weeks to visit her aunt by Mr.
Rochester. But, she returns after one month. When she returns, her feelings are
bloom in to a sweet feeling. Mr. Rochester proposed her, but the day when they
married someone stopped them. The man who stopped their married told that Mr.
Rochester still a husband of a woman for 15 years ago. How devastated she was
at that time and she decided to leave everything. In that difficult situation,
she meets a man and become a new page to start her happiness, although it is still
difficult to forget about Mr. Rochester. 

Charlotte Bronte’s novel that titled Jane Eyre, she uses backward plot in her
story. she tells the story from Jane Eyre’s pint of view. If we read this
novel, we will feel like read Jane Eyre’s handwrite that tells about her own
story. This novel has Victoria style which tells about weak and helpless woman,
but has a sincere and strong sense of love. Although this novel is a romance
novel, but we cannot find any vulgar scene. We can find some sweet conversation
between Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester but the language still hard to understand.
If we connect the story of Jane Eyre, we will find the similarity of the
Charlotte Bronte’s life. Both has dark teenage memories but still striving for
a better future. A woman with high will but full of affection. In Charlotte’s
novel Jane Eyre, it based on her experience and the way how she sees the things
from her point of view. Therefore, the plot in her story has limited expansion
into the wider direction and not see the things from different way.

Bronte is a novelist in the Victorian age. As we know that literary reflects a
real life in every age when the literary had published. This is also in the work
of Charlotte. She shows us the average of the gender that although we are a
girl, we still have dream and educate ourselves. We can see the spirit of feminism
on her novel. Although the women can educate their selves, the differences of
the status still effect the story. In this age also still see the social status
in the society. the political married still happened to protect the wealth. Almost
all the novel in the age of Victoria about criticism in a public especially the
morality. In the Jane Eyre, public denounced that she was in contact with a
married man. But in fact, because this man is hiding his identity from Jane.
Charlotte just let the reader to judge the characters on her novel base on
their character and nature in the story.  

age has its popular novelist. The novel in every age always based on the social
life in that age, because literary is a mirror of the real-life story. This is
also can find in the Charlotte Bronte popular work, Jane Eyre. She inspired by
herself and the social life that she sees in her life. Almost of her novel has
interesting story and she let the reader to judge and find the truth in every
character in her novel. However, she is one of popular novelist with a great novel,
Jane Eyre.