Charlottes Web Essay

Charlotte’s Web was a story about a little girl named Fern who saved a runt pig she named Wilbur from being killed by her dad. Fern told her dad that it was not fair to kill a pig just because it was small and told him that she would take care of him herself. When Wilbur was a month old, he had to go live down the road on Mr. Zuckerman’s farm. Wilbur missed Fern, but soon he made new friends. His new best friend was a spider named Charlotte. Soon he got bad news from the sheep when they told him that Mr. Zuckerman was just fattening him up for Christmas dinner.

Wilbur told Charlotte that he didn’t want to die. Charlotte promised Wilbur that she would find a way to make sure he was not killed. One morning when Lurvy was feeding Wilbur his slop, he noticed the words “SOME PIG” was written in a spider web. Lurvy went and told Mr. and Mrs. Zuckerman and soon the news spread all over town. The next time Charlotte had Templeton find a word to write in her web.

She wrote the word ‘TERRIFIC’ and then the next time, the word ‘RADIANT.Because Wilbur was becoming a famous pig, the Zuckerman’s took him to the County Fair. Wilbur talked Charlotte into going to the Fair even though she wasn’t feeling good and had to make her egg sack. At the fair, Charlotte was worried that Wilbur would not win so she decided to spin another web and once again Templeton went out to find a word for her. That night Charlotte wrote the word ‘HUMBLE’ into her web and then she made her egg sac. In the morning, everyone saw Charlotte’s web and they soon found out that Wilbur had won a special medal for being “Extraordinary”.When leaving the fair, Charlotte told Wilbur that she had to stay there because since she was dying, but that she was really happy to know that he was now safe. Wilbur and Templeton brought Charlotte’s egg sac back to the barn.

Wilbur waited for Charlotte’s baby spiders to be born. Three of her babies stayed in the barn with him. Every year new spiders were born but none of them ever replaced Charlotte in Wilbur’s heart. I would not like to be Charlotte because Spiders live very short lives and have to spend all day spinning webs just to be able to eat.