CheckPoint Reactive Patrol Rsponse Essay

They could already be in the vicinity of where the call is generated from making the response time only minutes, maybe even seconds away. The specific activities an officer engages in while on random patrol vary significantly across officers, times, locations, and departments, because much of the time spent on patrol is officer initiated (Grant & Terry, 2008). Reactive patrols are different from proactive patrols since a proactive patrol is an increased presence in a specifically targeted crime area, hot spots or repeat offenders.

The goal of proactive patrol is to detect crimes in progress and deter crime by having a routine police presence (Grant & Terry, 2008). If only one of these styles were to be adopted it would limit police discretion. The condition of an officers reaction to certain responds would change (Grant & Terry, 2008).

If police only used reactive patrols they would not be able to stop crimes before they start. With only proactive patrol would decrease the kick response time of officers.Police departments are successful because they have learned to adopt both styles of patrol. Both of these patrol styles services their own purpose. This is why they are both equally effective in the way that police patrol different assigned areas.

Reference Law Enforcement in the 21 SST Century, Second Edition, by Heath B. Grant and Karen J. Terry. Published by Allan & Bacon. Copyright C 2008 by Pearson Education, Inc. CheckPoint Reactive Patrol Response By nymphomania