Chester that. Employees are given bonuses to

Chester Barnard has explained two critical
functions of managers:

To establish and maintain
a communication system with employees.

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To clearly establish an organization’s
objectives and make sure that the employees are motivated to help achieve those

principle is being applied in AMAZE INC. is when they give there employees a
certain amount of time to do an independent project without the approval of management.
They are encouraged to work together as a team rather then just working under
one manager. Another way they are encouraged to work together and help build trust
in each other is by bringing all the employees and the staff together for
cultural and various social events. AMAZE INC. knows if everyone starts feeling
comfortable with each other, then this will result in a more comfortable environment
for everyone to work in. The work produced will reflect the results

second principle where management needs to clearly establish the objective and
make sure employees are motivated in doing it, AMAZE INC did an excellent job
in establishing that. Employees are given bonuses to recognize their hard work
and their contribution in further establishing the company. By giving them bonuses,
it makes the employees know that they are valued, and their thinking is appreciated
in the working environment. This not only increases motivation but also helps  to perform work efficiently .

the skills that Mr. Barnard stated are professionally followed by the management
of AMAZE INC. which leads them to being one of the best innovation company.

Parker believed that managers should get involved with their employees on a
task. AMAZE INC. follows it by making sure their employees are comfortable with
their managers before giving a task and then they all contribute together on
it. Managers are involved in all the task employees do and there is almost no
system of hierarchy between them.

important way a team works is when everyone is involved in decision making of important
problems. IN AMAZE INC. everyone is involved in an import decision making. The
important decisions are not just left to managers, supervisor or head of the company.
These decisions also involve the employee’s opinions as it is a way to make
them feel valuable. Employees working experience can provide new and innovative
ideas which can drastically help to resolve the situation.

encourage their employees by peer nominating them for awards which creates and encourages
a strong bond between them. Mary Parker collaboration and self management philosophy
is also imbedded in the management techniques of AMAZE INC.

In my opinion it would be fair
to say that AMAZE INC will be better suited if it follows the organic organizational
structure as it promotes openness between the managers and the employees which
can results in a higher rate of productivity and satisfaction. Though the
organic structure is a friendlier approach towards running a business, but it
may not be the best as organizational size increases it becomes rather
difficult to maintain an organic structure as following it would hinder the
productivity. This phenomenon can be clearly seen in large corporations especially
in manufacturing and sales where this method is not feasible to be employed. That’s
why corporation like Walmart and McDonald’s prefer a more mechanistic
organizational structure where employees are to perform predetermined set goals
to achieve better productivity at the expense of openness to new ideas from