Child marrying is a way for the

marriage prevents young girls from achieving their goals and denies them from
their basic rights and they are often view as burden to their family. By
marrying is a way for the family to pay their depts. They face violence from
their partners and partners family members. Sometimes they believe that the beating
and abuse is justified in certain circumstance and they’re at a risk of
perinatal infant mortality.

more child marriage happens around the world. In fact, CNN states that “every
seven seconds, a girl under 15 is married”. The cycle of child marriage is
denying girls “from most basic rights to learn, develop and be children”
(Chandrika Narayan). For instance, The Guardian news article published a story
about a young Ethiopian girl name Lubaba Abdella. Lubaba was 16 years when her
parents married her through an arranged marriage with a “22-year-old”. She
“dropped out of school” for a marriage that denies that brought nothing but
nightmares. While she was married her husband would hit her since “they didn’t
like each other”. After her divorce with her husband, Lubaba wanted to moreover
overseas to the Middle East. According to The Guardian Lubaba believes that her
short marriage was an “advantage” for overseas because “people in the Middle
East might force us to sleep with them” (David Smith). Forcing a person to
sleep with you is called rape. In Lubaba believes that it’s okay if someone
forces themselves on her. I believed this is caused by her lack of knowledge
and the constant abuse she faces when she was married. Most Ethiopian girls
married at a young age because it’s a custom. They also tend to divorce due to
a certain circumstance such as moving to the Middle East and more for a couple
as a maid to provide for their family back home. The journey, however, can be

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marriage happens because of “gender inequality, tradition poverty, and
insecurity”. In developing world “half of the girls from the poorest families”
are married. Often the daughter being married allow “parents to reduce family
expenses” because it saved from worrying about buying clothes, feeding them and
educating them. In many cases, girls are view as a burden. As a result, they’re
married as a way to “repay debts, manage disputes, or settle social, economic
and political alliances” by having them a for bride price. The definition of
bride price according to is “the money or goods given to the
family of a bride by the bridegroom or his family”. However according to Girls
Not Bride groom often pay less when the girl is “young and uneducated”.  This demonstrates how girls are devalued
because by choosing a young girl with education background gives the men the
opportunity to abuse and mistreat them (Why Does Child Marriage Happen?). when
it comes to tradition, many communities have a high expectation marrying a
young girl once they start menstruating because that’s when “they become women
in the eyes of the community”.  Gender inequality
plays a massive role in child marriage. Families marrying their daughter at a
young age is “viewed as a way to ease economic hardships by transferring this
‘burden’ to her husband’s family”. Also, some family feels the needs to control
how they dress, who to the see and guard their “sexuality and virginity in
order to protect the family honour”. This shows how in insecure they are
because their worry about what the outside world thinks of them and the
daughter have no freedom at all.

marriage is considered as “violation of human rights”. UNICEF stated that a
child marriage is defined as a “formal or informal marriage union before age
18”. Around the world, child marriage is associated with harmful consequences
for young girls. Those harmful consequences are early pregnancy because the
young woman bodies are still developing and with them being forcefully married
to older men, they are often forced into unprotective sexual intercourse. Which
leads to early pregnancy and put the child at a “greater risk for perinatal
infant mortality” (What Is the Impact of Child Marriage).  Also, that infant death for those that are a
mother and are under the age of twenty years old is fifty percent higher.
According to Washington Post, child marriage creates “lower educational
achievement or girls” because the young girls are expected to stop pursuing
their education due to it being unimportant. Not only are young girls and women
who are married at an early age are more likely to face “higher incidence
of spousal violence” and also from their spouse family members. According to
Girls Not Brides that 44% of the girls between 15-19 believes that their
partner beating them is justified in certain circumstances. In many developing
countries like India, for instance, has the “highest number of child marriage”
in the world. Girls Not Brides states that 44% of Indian girls are married
before their 18 birthdays. Two of Indian states has a rate of child marriage as
high as 69% and 65% in Bihar and Rajasthan