Result to peers rejection Essay

They may also do to another. Child abuse can cause major behavior problems in the work, family, and other types of society. The hardest part of all is when a child is left to recover after years Of a buses and being basically told that they are nobodies. Children abused often show demanding behavior,extreme, or aggression-So empties kids are aggressive but they can become overly aggressive. Aggressiveness can be biting, shoving hitting, and other foul harm. Studies show when a child is overly gag erosive it lowers the children’s Q. Usually when a is being abused they show sudden chi angels in behavior or school performance.

Being too aggressive can also result in peers rejection. The children may feel the child is different because the child may become anti social. Jabber 2 Child aggressiveness can also become bullying. The child may bully their peer s or other people around them. They may use foul language to other adults and children n. They child may feel left out and feel alone. They may feel that bullying is the only way to cope with their feelings. Aggression is caused by hitting,yelling or some other harm ca seed to child by the abuser. Another behavior problem can include depression.

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A chill d can suffer PETS,Postgraduates Stress Disorder. This will cause the kid to have bad dread frightening thoughts, and other effects. They child may feel abused when they are not even being abused. Keeping emotions to themselves is also another problem. They may feel as if every one against them. The child may become collectivities. Us ally when child is self destructive they may cut themselves often or attempt suicide. The eye may also have ego deficits. Another self destructive act is eating disorder. Eating discord deer is an illness that causes disturbances to your daily diet.

This can be caused by the d oppression the child is suffering because of the abuse. Most children who are abused alls o become extremely depended. These problems will cause many children who are abuse d to be rejected instead of accepted like every kid wants. Emotional Child abuse can also affect the child’s future. This can affect the chi psychologically. About 80% of abused child are at a high risk for developing psychological problems and mental illnesses when they are older. When say psychologically I mean like, setting no goals for themselves, becoming very ho stile or angry, and have low selfsame.

This causes a child to be angry, uncooperative e, and unattached to people in their life. These abused children also lack creativity a ND enthusiasm. The Child will feel so destroyed, the will feel they can’t do nothing and not Jabber 3 set goals for themselves because its not worth it. Another, future effect of chi old abuse is anxiety-when a child experience anxiety they feel uneasiness, or distress. In t he future another thing a child may get it hypertension. Hypertension is a term used to describing high blood pressure. Lastly, emotional child abuse can affect a child’s future a ND present legislations.

In a relationship a child who has been abused may have trust is sues because they feel betrayed by everyone. They also may have trouble realizing they are worthy of love and affection. Another thing is delinquent activity. 14 percent of all men and 36 percent of all women in prison were abused as children. Abused and neglect d children are 11 times more likely to engage in criminal behavior as an adult. These cacti pities include but not limited to: graffiti, manslaughter, and child abuse. This is became use the child has been abused mentally so many times and have came to terms with t me not being worth it or valuable enough for anyone.

The hardest thing after being abused is recovery. “This type of abuse leaves hi den scars that manifest themselves in numerous ways. “Researchers say that abuse can lead to anxiety, depression, anger hostility, and dissociation experience, among others . It takes years to build selfsame back up. Abuse can lead to a future adult to believe t hey are not important or worthy of love and affection. The child now an adult can have a poor development of basic skills or may be involved in alcohol or drug abuse. The c hill who as once abused now struggles to find trust in others and oneself.

This can m sake it difficult to form relationships. A relationship with a future spouse could be ABA use and the person who was abused as a child may not realize what is happening is wrong , but because they been going through for so many years they may accept it as nor mall. The Jabber 4 abused child can also become the abuser to their spouse or children in the if true without even realizing it. The adult whom was once abused as a child see no outward in all this and commits suicide. Emotional abuse brainwashes you into thinking negative in life.

To recover from emotional child abuse many have to go through therapy for all Eng time, to learn how to reprogram their mind. Even Through therapy many still don’t co multiple overcome their invisible scars. After, the long lasting effects of abuse many still I find their ways of overcoming it. There are many types of child abuse, one being Emotion Child abuse. There a re several reasons why emotional child abuse impacts our society due to child behavior, chi lids future, and recovery Of the abused child. More than 78. 3% Of abuse is emotion anal abuse. In 2011, an estimated count of 1,570 children died from neglect.

A child can g o from good behavior to juvenile delinquent behavior. A child can go from having a b right future to a slow development future. The hardest part of all will be the recovery beck cause you have to overcome all your fears and insecurities. These abused children find it hard to fit in, says the wrong thing often, and they find it hard to make and keep friends. Some abused children have trouble even to have a basic “hello. Goodbye” conversant on. Though child abuse may not have blood and scars, it does have invisible scars that will sat for a lifetime, that may even cause visible scars or blood to come out.