Child Abuse and Protective Environment Essay

1. Explain the different forms of child abuse. Include Shaken Baby Syndrome in your response. The different forms of child abuse are physical, emotional, sexual, and neglect. Physical abuse is when a child’s parent or guardian is being violent to the child. For example; hitting, choking, pushing, and shaking. Emotional abuse is when the child is not physically harmed but is abused by words that are said, for example; calling them names, threatening them, exploitation, and abandonment.

Sexual abuse has many different views on it, it could be speaking to someone in an explicit way, expose them to pornography, or may expose their private areas to them. Neglect is the most common reported form of child abuse. An example of neglect is when parents do not feed, clothe, or clean their child. Another example is when parents may fail to care for their child’s basic physical, emotional, disciplinary, and/or educational needs.

And shaken baby syndrome, it could happen to babies and very small children, it happens when parents or guardian violently shakes them, which causes fractured bones, organ injuries, and severe brain damage, and for the ones who survive are often left with mental disabilities. 2. What types of physical care must a parent provide an infant child? The types of physical care a parent must provide to their infant child are being bathed, keeping them on a clean diaper, and having the baby dressed and fed. 3. What are some strategies for helping a child cope with stress?

Some strategies that could help a child cope with stress are helping the child figure out ways to solve their problems, learn what is causing the child to stress, avoid taking frustration out on child, and creating a violent free home. Critical Thinking Questions 1. What is the difference between a protective environment and nurturing environment? The differences between a protective environment and a nurturing environment is the protecting environment is where the child is protected from violence and abuse, while the nurturing environment is where you have to do more than protect the child form violence and danger, you lso have to pay attention to your child’s physical and emotional needs.

2. How does a child needs change as they grow through development stages from infancy to teen years? How do special needs children differ? Children’s needs change when they become older because, they are experiencing new things as they age and when your younger you don’t have anything to worry about because you don’t understand the world and teens they are older and more mature and knows a little about themselves.

Special needs children differ because they will need attention 24/7 because they have different needs from the rest of us. 3. List and explain factors a parent can control that lead to nurturing environment. Include characteristics of nurturing parents. They must meet the requirements of a protective environment first, because the place can’t be nurturing the child isn’t safe from violence and abuse. Paying attention to their child’s physical and emotional needs, because the child needs someone they could trust. Being supportive Being there for the child Being caring