Child adult Essay

Their minds are like sponges and they soak in everything. They are not able to make sense of things the way an adult process things but they do the best that they can. Children are taught to do what is right and to be obedient. With this being said, the most powerful beings in a young child’s life is an adult, particularly their parents. Though parents are to protect their children, children Often feel the need to not only obey their parents but to protect them.

Even if it means holding a secret that their parents told them to keep, or a secret that will not affect the relationship of the child and parent, sometimes out of fear. In many children’s literatures that we all have read, there is always a constant plot where something bad happens to the bad guy who betrays the good guy or a group of people. So they are impelled to strive to be good, even if that means keeping secrets that are like a volcano erupting inside of them. Children are trust worthy because hey know nothing else but what they are taught.

The lack of childhood is always due to the lack of parenting, due to but not limited to, negligence, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, putting other things and people before a child, incarceration, death etc. A child is forced out of their innocence and learns to fend for themselves, themselves and siblings, themselves and a parent(s) or in the case of Lila a nation. Though you never fully lose the innocence (personal experience) you learn to maneuver around t and force yourself to understand what your brain can yet process.

It then hits you as an adult when you stop and reminisce, it then hits you that you can’t remember anything from your innocence and the books you once enjoyed and the characters that once meant something to you and at one point you looked up to. The power of literature is that you can always go back and revisit and if your imagination still works as it used to you can enjoy that innocence briefly.