Child Care Essay

In my setting a child came to me crying and told me that a child has made him upset by snatching the ball of him at lunch time. I called the other child who had made him cry and asked him why he snatched the ball of him. I explained him he should not snatch a ball or anything from anyone he must ask kindly.

The child did not pay attention to what I had said to him and continued to do snatch things from other children.I then decided used the doll puppets to demonstrate the children that snatching things from other people can make them very upset and especially when they are your friends. I questioned the children that is it nice to make your friends upset. The child who had made his friend cry he apologized to his friend as he realized what he has done wrong with his friend. P2. 5From my personal learning I think I have done a good job by demonstrating because majority of the children learn from what they see the adult doing and also by showing them how to be kind to your friends and not making them upset.

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I also think demonstrating behaviour can help me in future when I come up with a similar situation again. This can help me with me with a situation where some children could be challenging to handle and this could help the children how to behave because when they see they learn from it.