Child passed laws to control child Labour and

Child Labour is when a person below 15 year of age is doing
work that is depriving them of their childhood, their potential and their
dignity. When the work is harming their physical and mental development when a
child is forced to leave school or combine schooling and work or when they or
getting sick from the kind of work that they do this is considered child


Child Labour is harmful occupations in all children below 18
in the Labour market. Mostly children work in Labour market with their primary
education most of the children at the age of 15 are employment. Child Labour is
a harmful activity and has a great impact on children, Child labour mostly
found in Asia and Africa. In Pakistan, 10 percent of all workers are between
the Ages of 10 and 14 years.

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A middle class person in Pakistan earns around five hundred
rupees a day on average. In Pakistan, mostly families feed 9 to 10 peoples from
their wages. A survey from a center whose name Social Policy Development Center
(SPDC) has stated that the % of people living in poverty was 33% in Pakistan
during 1999.


 Pakistan has recently
passed laws to control child Labour and reduced it to minimum limit but the
laws are ignored from society. Now a day’s approximately 11 million children aged
7 to 14 works in factories and shops but this age is of their study.


Children are compelled to earn for survival of their
families due to the poverty. Majority of children in developing countries e.g.
India, Pakistan etc. are compelled to work like Labour. Children are polishing
the shoes, selling dry fruits, washing the cars working on hotels, working on
petrol pumps, Stalls, even that working in different laborite.


Poverty is the great cause of of child labour in Pakistan the
main cause of poverty is over population. On average Pakistan has to feed 9 to
10 people with their daily wage. Low cost child labour give great advantage to
manufacture lack of education is also a reason of child labour. In 2016 Pakistan,
ranks 3rd in the world lighted child labour rank, because child
labour is the cheapest way or low cost labour. Therefore, the presence of large
number of child labour.


Stoping child labour is not only the responsibility of Govt
but also the responsibility of us we can inform Govt.Govt should take the
action and start some activities to stop the violation of humanity in the form
of child labour. Developing countries should also to take some steps to promote
the child education and to prevent the child labour.