Child Observation report Essay

Child Observation ReportI observed children at The Eaton Day Care Center Inc located on 310 S.

Beech St in Eaton, Ohio.. It is located by two other Day Care centers on the same street.

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I picked this particular Center because I have heard a lot of great things about it and because it is a Christian based facility, but all are welcome even if they have a different religious belief or none at all. At the EDCC they have all ages from infants, toddler, preschool, and school age up to seven years old. They are open Monday- Friday 6a.

m. to 6p.m. EDCC is a privately owned organization. They believe in not only nurturing the kids but helping them learn about morals, and values based on religion. There are twenty kids enrolled in the classroom I observed but there are usually only nine to thirteen kids who come regularly. I was in one of the two preschool classes and there were two main teachers.

I observed a girl and a boy and I will call them Jim and Jane, which are not their real identities. The classroom was divided up into 3 sections, the playing/story-time/nap-time room, the snack room/making activities room and the bathrooms for girls/boys/adults.The play room had several sections in it like the grocery/kitchen area, building blocks, books and coloring station, stuffed animals/veterinary area, calendars and seasons on the wall and their pictures with some of the things they have created and wanted to show off. There are stairs leading to the kindergarten room. The snack room has two big red tables with tiny blue chairs around it. Every chair is usually used and some kids have to sit at a different table in the corner for lack of space. Everything seems very close together and not very much room for people to move around the rooms. This room has a lot of things all over the walls, mostly things the kids have made and given to the teachers.

They have a sign with their handprints that says “We are hands on learners.” The playground is right outside the center in the back, it has a swing-set, merry-go-round, a wooden bridge, wooden train cars, jungle-gym with three different slides. There is also a picnic table, a basketball hoop and manydifferent types of balls and things to play with. The playground has rocks and pebbles for its base and cement for the basketball area.

The girl I observed “Jane,” loves to wear pink and purple, her favorite colors. She has curly brown hair and brown eyes. She is biracial and is being raised by her grandparents. Her mother is in and out of a mental facility and sometimes gets to see her. Jane is 4 years old about to turn 5 in a couple weeks. She loves being outside and is very social towards others and she loves playing sports and being active every day. She has a lisp and cannot say her “s” or “r” correctly. The boy “Jim” has blonde curly hair and blue eyes.

He is five years old and does a couple of different sports. He is very loud and demanding and gets into trouble a lot because of his words and actions. He is raised in a single parent home by his father and spends 10 hours a day, 5 days a week in the daycare (from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. every week day).

Examples of Physical Abilities (Jane) (Jim)1) On day 2 of observing which was April 10, I noticed that Jane has good gross motor skills and displays those by skipping around the playroom. She can jump, run and play hopscotch. 2) She also shared with me on day 2 that she is in tap, jazz and tumbling. She can do summer-saults and front flips. She has good balance and can put her body into the correct form to do it safely. 3) Every day during at free time I noticed Jane would go to the arts and crafts tables and would make cat toys or something for other people. She does not have a pincer grasp when using pencils but she does when she uses markers or paint brushes. She is left-handed but sometimes switches to her right when coloring.

She puts everything back where it belongs and that shows good hand-eye-coordination as well. 1) On day 2, Jim told me that he was excited to go to t-ball that night and that he also plays soccer, but does not enjoy it as much as t-ball because he said “you run too much” This shows that he has pretty good gross motor skills and knows how to swing a bat. Also show good hand-eye-coordination because you have to see where you are throwing the ball to get to his other teammates. 2) On day three was the first time I saw him write by himself. He does not have very good fine motor skills because he cannot write so that others can read it and most of the letters are not correct. He moves his whole arm when writing and coloring and just scribbles.

He also used both hands so I am unsure which one he prefers, or if he is ambidextrous. 3) All four days that I was there he showed good gross motor skills because he can make a fist and punch correctly; unfortunately he punched the other children and teachers. He is very aggressive and can kick, punch, slap and karate chop. Compare and contrast physical development-They are both quite active and enjoy playing sports and have good gross motor skills. Jim has good hand-eye-coordination and can catch and throw a ball.

He has a lot of aggressive tendencies and is very competitive. He has a must win attitude and will do anything to be the winner. Jane has hand-eye-coordination too because she can put things where they go and knows each thing has a certain spot. I did not see a big difference in their abilities except with fine motor skills. Jane uses a pincer grasp for markers and paint brushes but uses her whole hand for writing. She uses bottom-up processing by using the pincer grasp because she understand to have control of where the color is going you have to hold it and direct it using your fingers and not your whole arm.

She was building on knowledge she had already learned from writing. Jim uses both hands and uses his whole hand to write, draw and paint. He also uses his whole arm to color/scribble instead focusing on where he wants the colors to go. Examples of Cognitive Development1) On day 2, April 10 she was chosen to do the Calendar and she wrote 10 as 01. Had to erase it and do it again. She also picked November as the month. She did know the day because she said “Today is Wednesday.” 2) On the 2nd day of observation the craft was windsocks and she said “mine is a purse not a windsock.

” She has a very good imagination and is always thinking of other uses for things. She likes to decorate and was always the last to finish her activity. 3) Day 3 she was reading a book about ducklings and their mother and knew how to read pretty well. She sounded out words and knew that books go from left to right and could turn one page at a time.

1) The very first day he said that A and Z were numbers. He does not know the difference between letters and number. Wrote a grocery item as $A. He gets confused with them and has trouble reading words that are longer than 4 letters long. 2) On day 4 I realized he is very independent and thinks about himself. Heis very egocentric and self-centered.

Cannot think about his actions before doing them and often gets in trouble because he does not know cause and effect. He does not understand there are consequences/rewards for our actions. 3) On day three he also made a card for a girl in the class that he calls his girlfriend. It had hearts and a girl and a boy.

He understands that girls and boys are different. He put pink in her outfit and black in his. He also put her in heels and himself in tennis shoes. He has knowledge about relationships and how to treat a girl, but terrorizes other boys and bullies them to gain control over them.

Compare and contrast cognitive development –They have very different cognitive abilities. Jane knows how to read easy books with familiar words and understands that books go left to right. I did not ever see Jim pick up a book except to throw across the room. He did not understand his actions hurt others and that is bad.

He does not understand consequences or rewards. Maybe he does not receive either of those at home. One growth I noticed was that he does have knowledge about a relationship and how to treat a girl that you like.

Maybe he has older siblings or his father is in a relationship that is setting a positive example for him. One growth for Jane is that she knows things have a certain place and cleans up after herself, where before she would throw markers across the room at her “friends.” Examples of socio-emotional development1) Every day I was there she was very sociable and talkative. She talked my ear off at recess every day. She is neither timid, nor shy in anyway. If you talk to her she will tell you her whole life story. She tries to make her friends laugh by making up stories. 2) On the first day I noticed that she knows that others have different opinions and views other than just hers.

She will ask what others think and why. She is curious about other people and why they do things differently. 3) Knows that she is different because of her skin color compared to all of the other kids, but the other kids don’t notice.

On the third day she said “I am mixed with black and white” and “I am good today.” These show her self-concept and how she sees herself compared to others, and herself on different days. She has pretty good self-regulation and can stop herself before doing something bad.

She knowsabout consequences for not following the rules. 1) Since day 1 I learned that Jim has very low self-esteem because he has to make himself feel better by bullying all the kids and teachers. He says very mean words and is aggressive.When he is given gratitude and words of affirmation you can tell that it makes his whole day better because he acts better and he gets a smile on his face.

Those are the things his dad needs to give him instead of belittling him and not having any appreciation for what he can do. 2) He does not have any friends except his girlfriend. One girl said on the fourth day “I don’t want him here, he bothers me.” This shows that he does not understand the golden rule or how to get along with others at all. He peed on another little boy’s back in the bathroom and the teacher said that when she told his father he kind of just laughed.

3) On the third day he could not play games by the rules. He must win, even if he cheats. He doesn’t like to be with others because there is a chance he may not win. He constantly needs attention even if it’s bad attention. Compare and contrast socio-emotional development –Jim has very low socio-emotional developmental abilities because he is so egocentric, and cannot see that others have wants, needs and desires besides him. He doesn’t let anybody win or have more attention than he is getting.

He cannot play games by the rules and usually messes the whole game up so others can’t play it. He has a low self-esteem and needs affirmative words to feel worth and happy. He imitates things he has seen at home like putting up his middle finger and saying bad words. One growth in Jim is that he knows how to treat a “girlfriend” and that you are nice to them, and treat them good. He understands that relationships can be good.

Jane is the opposite she has a very good self-concept of her, in comparison to others she is around. She knows that she is different but that does not make her unwanted or any less valuable. She knows when she is being good and bad and recognizes that being nice helps you have a lot of friends.

She looks to others for opinions and respects that it may be different than what she thinks. Jane also has good coping skills like using her words to work out a resolution to a problem. She will say “that hurt my feelings; I wish you wouldn’t be mean.” She knows that hitting others will get her in trouble and will not help the problem. She can think long term instead of just how shefeels in that moment.

During my observation I saw a lot of teacher/child interactions but no parent/child interactions. The teachers are very patient with every child including Jim. They do not physically punish their kids; they put them in time out and go explain why they are there and how to not go there anymore. The teachers always let them speak when they raise their hand and call on different kids for answers.

The children respect the teachers and know that they are there for their safety. The teachers would call on a different child to do the calendar, be the first in line, or to start the songs. I thought that was really neat to see that most of them didn’t mind taking turns and knew they would all get a chance. Jim was really the only one who didn’t understand that and got upset every day when he wasn’t chosen. If a child wants to tell them a story they listen, even if it is made up.

They encourage imagination and creativity. If a child is having difficulty doing something like writing their name the class will wish them well by saying the child’s name and saying “we wish you well.” That was cute to see that they are encouraging their friends and learning to help people.I thought that the daycare was a very good place for kids to learn and become familiar with Christian values and praying.

I liked that they sang songs about God and praying and being nice and loving everyone like God loves them. That was so sweet and cute! I liked that the teachers really do care about the kids and aren’t just there for a paycheck. One of the teachers asked if I had any suggestions or comments about things because she wants to make the best program for the kids and loves to get others opinions or feedback. That was awesome to hear because they are willing to get your input and implement changes if they think they will help and be better for the program. I didn’t like that the facility was so small and crammed into a tiny building.

They need more room for the children to play and have personal space and half of them sleep upstairs in the kindergarten room because there is not enough room for all of the cots. I also did not like that there were so many things on every wall, there was no way you could see everything on there because there was simply too much going on. They should have most of that at their eye level instead of going all the way up to the ceiling. That can feel overwhelming and makes the room feel smaller than it already is.

They cannot see that high up and to be honest I couldn’t either. They do a good job with the children and handling all of their specific needs. Jane is a diabetic and they are good with counting her grams of sugar, and carbs. Tracking it on a daily paper and giving her insulin shots when she needed them. They were also great in giving every child the same amount of attention, rewards and compliments, even the trouble makers and shy children. I loved the playground for the kids, there is a lot of different things to do and the kids loved it.This observation was a good way for me to see how kids act around a bunch of other kids and to see how they grow so much in such a short amount of time, little changes that no one ever thinks about like can they hold a pencil right using a pincer grasp or can they see themselves in relation to others and is what they see positive or negative.

Children are definitely a product of their environment as shown by Jim. His dad thought that Jim peeing on another child was humorous, so no wonder Jim thought that was acceptable to do. What an awful example he is setting for his child. I could also tell that this was true because Jane would tell if anyone said shut up, or butt because those are bad words at her house set by her grandparents who are raising her. You can tell that her grandparents are more authoritative because they encourage being creative and doing things she loves and support her by taking her to t-ball and all of the dance classes. Jim’s father sounds more authoritarian and permissive. He has no patience for his son and expects him to listen to him and call him sir, but it sounds like there is no form of punishment at his house.

He needs to set an example and give guidance to his child before it is too late and he will never listen and have a very hard time getting along with others. You should be developing good social skills at this age especially entering kindergarten and should not already know how to control them and bully people into getting your way. This project was a good experience for me and I think I learned a lot and could connect what I was learning in class to what I was seeing.

I wish I would have not waited so long and procrastinated till the last month to do it because I feel like I would have gotten more out of it if I went once a month all semester.