Childhood: Hand and Grocery Store Essay

Everyone has their own story about childhood. And so have I. Childhood memories are always the best story to share with people.

The stories would full of cares and anxieties from parents, grandparents and other relatives. As we recall, some memories are blurry, but some are really clear that you would never forget. Every time when it was a rainy day, my grandpa would be one hand holding my little hand, and the other hand holding a purple umbrella in case we both got wet. He liked to take me to a grocery store which was a block away in the corner from where we lived.Let’s get some candies, shall we? ” my grandpa would say this to me when it was raining outside.

”Why not? ” I would reply in a happy mood every single time. And we would go to the grocery store together and got some delicious snacks. I felt really satisfied whenever grandpa took me to that store in the corner. I loved how grandpa and I would talk about everything when we were holding hands walking down to the grocery store. I loved how we were really closed to each other.

I would sometimes think about those old days that having candies with my lovely grandpa.But now, I could never go to the same grocery store and got the same kind of snacks as the old days. The saddest thing that I could ever imagine was my grandpa isn’t here with me anymore. I missed the smile on my grandpa.

I missed the snacks we shared together. And I missed the rainy day. Childhood plays an important part in everyone’s life.

My days of childhood were really spent in happiness. I love spending time with my family, especially my grandpa. The only sad thing that happened was my grandpa’s death. As I grow up, I realized how life it is to have death happens. I learned to be happy and carry on.