Childhood Is One of the Happiest Period of My Life Essay

Childhood is an important period of our life. It is the time where the main part of our personalities is developed. For a not small amount of people, childhood is the time they struggle to earn a living and learn how to survive in the world. However, from my experience and the major part of those friends around me, those years in childhood are definitely memorable and full of happiness and caring. The main reason is that childhood is the time I receive the love, caring from a lot of people. I was sent to a boarding school since I was 5, and I only came home in the summer and New Year Holiday. And those break times were so wonderful with me.

I remembered my father used to put another layer of blankets on me to make sure that I were not woken up because of the cold morning mist. I could sleep until 8 or 9. Whenever I woke up, my Dad would carry me out of bed to the bathroom, he prepared the toothbrush for me, comb my hair, and carry me out of bathroom once I finished with cleaning up. Our family lived in the country side, and we raised around 30 chickens to get fresh eggs. My breakfast normally include a warm milk with 2 boiled egg. I still remember those memory so vividly, that every time I recall about my past, those morning routine immediately come to my mind.

Holiday were so great with me, not only that I can stay home with my beloved parents, but also I felt that I am loved, deeply and attentively. Another reason is that childhood is a time that I live so freely without any worries. Growing up and all people including myself are gradually burdened with more things such as taking entrance exams to get into a good school, choosing a major, or finding a suitable job, etc. I remember those summers in my childhood are filled with playing, sleeping, eating, swimming in the river, and the cycle continued just like that.

There were no pressure what adults put on me, I was allowed to play and enjoy life as much as I want. I still remembered my sadness every times I had to leave my hometown for a boarding school. In sum, though some people might not experience hardship during their childhood, I still believe that childhood is one the most happy time that I have ever had in my life. Not only I receive attentive caring, but there were no restrictions put on me and I spent my childhood as free as the bird flying in the sky. And I believe that every adults should take care of children and allow them to enjoy their childhood to the fullest.