Childhood To Adulthood Essay

Of course all that was resonated to me was labor and missing out on watching some my dearest superheroes fight off evil. Little did I know that this particular event in my life would cause a dramatic change in the way I proceeded to work, think about goals, and think about what it means to actually accomplish goals I set out for myself? As my father parked the car saw many people join together to help plant these daffodils and simultaneously my father was trying to convince me that it would be worth my while.

However, at the tender age of ten, my mind was unconcerned with more menial problems like if the DVD was on. My indications that this was going to be irritating were presumably correct at first, since I was handed a shovel and mulch upon arrival. The weather didn’t make my job any easier since it was around winter time. So through cold weather and a strong desire to leave I took a shovel and began to dig into the side of the road. As many factors were against me, everyone around me was laughing and enjoying what felt like a punishment.

This painstaking task handed down o me was met with superficial complaints about why any of these tasks matters. After endless digging, I felt extremely sore around my lower back and an old lady teased me in a polite manner by saying, ‘Wait until you get to my age. ” The next part to planting the flowers was to plant the daffodil bulbs and cover it with soil. After this was done, we had to carry huge bags of mulch to cover up the soil. My father was telling me that planting these daffodils would be more rewarding than thought and to be patient since the hard work that goes into this is similar to how life works.

Gradually felt a sense of accomplishment and maturity since I could now say that I was finally done planting these daffodils. The completion of this task was also evident as my body was aching and covered in dirt and soil. Before this event I didn’t feel the urge to work hard for anything because I could not visualize completing the goals I set for myself. Although I was relatively young, it started to seep into me that if I continued to endure struggle and be persistent in the face of obstacle, I could accomplish anything that set out to achieve.

Even though I thought my tedious duties as a gardener would never be brought up again, was fortunately mistaken. Around spring time, my father dragged me out the house once again back to the same place we had planted all the daffodil bulbs. My eyes were filled with amazement and wonder as what was once a dirt covered field had now become a beautiful field of overbearingly daffodils swaying in the wind. My eyes started to tear because I could say that I did this, and that I had put effort in for something hat became successful down the road.

It was then that I knew that life is similar to planting flowers. Although it can seem hopeless at first, through commitment and perseverance you can see the fruits of your labor. It is with this knowledge that ask with great humility to attend Rutgers university. Believe the prestigious environment at Rutgers will allow me to prosper in whatever field I pursue. Given the chance I will use Rutgers to obtain knowledge as a college graduate that will further benefit the youth of today and improve the future.