Children Should Grow Up in Big Cities Rather Than in the Countryside Essay

There is no doubt that selecting a proper place for growing up the children seems to be an important decision for the parents. Every parent wants their children to be successful in their life, and for this, they give their best effort to grow them up. Many parents argue that growing children at the country side is more beneficial because cities are polluted which results in bad health of the child. However in my opinion, city would be the best place for the growth of a child.

Cities provide better education, better development and better facilities for the growth of a child.Cities provide better education facilities to the children. There are varieties of school such as government schools, private schools, Montessori schools and so on. Therefore there would be various options for the parents to select the best school of their choice for their children.

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Moreover, transportation services are more proper in the city areas, so reaching towards particular place becomes easy. But as compared to this, countryside places give the only option of the school that too may be not located at the nearer distance.Hence many of the children have to face problems while studies. Big cities do provide extra curricular activities to the children which would be helpful in the development of child. For instances, sports, art and other activities which give the opportunity to develop their hidden art along with the studies. In addition to this, there would be various competition for the exams and activities which make the child to utilize his/her art in a better way and to prove himself in the society.

Also, big cities has various facilities to make human life comfortable such as hospitals.If the child get sick then proper treatment at the proper time. Along with this various technologies, market places, were there and, this things would be helpful for the children to understand today’s world. Anyhow a child has to grow up by gaining the knowledge from the surrounding and has to compete in the world to prove himself. In conclusion, I must say that the children can be better grown up in the cities because of the facilities available for education, other creative activities and to get the knowledge about the various technologies development.