China hard fought victory. It’s not all

China is also considered very astute. This means that China is accurately able to assess situations to its advantage. In other words, it is impressively shrewd. It took advantage of its relatively low cost of production to dramatically increase its exports worldwide and is now the largest exporter in the world. This has dramatically strengthened its economy and it is scheduled to become the world’s largest economy with a GDP of $24 trillion by 2021. For this reason, many consider it the next superpower as financial strength ultimately leads to political strength. China has formed alliances and economic ties with several counties, many of whom are considered ‘rogue’ states by the United States of America. But China is undeterred as it knows that financial strength is paramount. Continuing with its astute behavior, China has invested heavily in its military to further secure its position as a world power.
South Sudan has been through alot, two civil wars, major destruction and displacement. No country should ever go through such a pain. It all started by the controversial separation from Sudan back in the 1950s. This civil war was based on their separation with Sudan, it took place in 1956 . They were forced to, not one but, two battles for their freedom. This lead to a series of negative aftermath (neglect, a lack of infrastructural development, and devastation). No one could ever even imagine the horror that these South Sudanese people have gone through, but did they ever give up? Never! Instead they turned inevitable defeat into hard fought victory.
It’s not all horrors for South Sudan. Instead people over here consider their area to be blessed. Blessed with natural beauty such as the Kinyeti Mountain and the Bandingilo National Park. No matter what the outside image of South Sudan appears to be, people over here know what this beautiful country actually is, overwhelming. There isn’t any particular ‘Golden Age’ or the very best of times, even though the South Sudanese people consider their best time in history after defeating Sudan in a battle for their independence, but a dinner of stew with Asseeda (sorghum porridge) and a walk across the beautiful and plenty natural wonders of South Sudan is enough to be considered more than enough.
As charles dickens mentioned the best of times for venezuela was during the 1970s when Venezuela was the richest country in Latin America. With the region’s highest growth rates and the lowest levels of inequality, it was also one of the most stable democracies in america. Additionally it has always had the highest oil reserves which has been there since the beginning of time uplifted the economy. Therefore as a democracy all the venezuelans were happy and peaceful. At that time there was plenty of food and healthcare. Also before 2013. Venezuela excelled in every beauty pageant. Hence venezuela at that time had glory and was peaceful making it the best of times.
Venezuela, a country full of glory, is now suffering from the highest murder rate in the world and extreme poverty making it the worst of times. This all started in 2013 when there was a president change and now from a democracy it is a dictatorship due to which people are suffering from. Since then the country’s oil reserves have become useless to the people. Therefore, economy has gone down and there is no food or medicine. People are dying from the basic diseaes. Therefore all day most of venezuelans spend their time on the streets protesting against President Manduro. Hence it is the worst time because even travelling there at this point of time is unsafe.