China: Land of Dragons and Emperors Essay

Respond to the questions below either as a direct post or by linking a Google Doc or Word Doc. If it’s a Google Doc, make sure it’s in your Humanities folder so that I can see it. 1. The book will talk about six families who rules China for two millennia.

How long is two millennia? Two millennia is equal to 2,000 years. 2. Using the Table of Contents, list the six dynasties. Han Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, Song Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty, and Qing Dynasty. 3.

According to Chinese legend, how is the fish related to the dragon? The fist dragon was a fish that swam up to the top of a mountain along the way the fish encountered many difficulties including a locked gate at the top but was successful. After the fish reached the top, it transformed into a dragon. 4. List three reasons that the number nine is important in Chinese culture.

Number nine is associated with dragon (the emperor) and the word jiu sounds like the Chinese word for long life. 5.According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2012 is the year of the dragon. What is the animal for 2013 (You may have to look this up online. )? Snake is the Zodiac Sign for 2013. 6.

If you had a phone in China, why would you not want the number 1414-4444? The number “four” in Chinese sounds like the word for death and therefore considered to be a bad omen to use this number. 7. List three reasons that the color red is important in China. In China, the color red symbolizes success, happiness, and good luck. 8.

List three reasons that the color yellow is important in China. In China, the color yellow symbolizes the center. Yellow was also the color that was reserved for the emperor and members of the imperial family.

9. Find two pieces of evidences on pages 12–13 that silk was extremely valuable to China over a thousand years ago. Silk was an extremely valuable item because it was very complicated to make. Silk was even used as money and most important and rich people around the world wore clothing made from Chinese silk.