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China’s economy to a large extend is based on low-quality coal used in heating and power generation(60% of energy produced is made of coal!).What does it mean in real terms ?In power plants, domesticand district heating plant,in order to produce a certain amount of energy we need to burn more widelyavailable carbon with lower calorific value than we would achieve while using a more expensive calorificraw material instead.The problem of smog in China didn’t begin to be seriously noticed until the early 90s, when Beijing madeattempts to become in charge of organising the Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committeestrongly rejected this candidacy in 1993, citing the terrible state of air that threatens the health of athletes.At first it started moving away of the city and the province of obsolete mining factories and enterprises,where many became limited to at least the time of the games. The number of cars on the roads was alsoreduced by excluding specific digits on the vehicle registration plate on specific days of the week. Theseworks were out in the effect, and in 2001 Beijing was honored to organize the summer Olympic Games.

In 2013, an environmental report based on the research carried out within 6 years was published – theconclusions were alarming! A state secret clause was immediately assigned to the presented results .InDecember 2015 the concentration level of harmful substances in the air in Beijing reached a record high.As a result, schools , airports and even some public transport lines had to be closed due to the visibilitystaying up only till 10 m! Not only in winter periods, when people warm up their homes with coal and theair is even more burdened, but also in the summer it happens that you are unable to see passing cars at theheight of the 10th floor. This disastrous situation has left the China generation out of speech ,as itemerged that it has never seen the blue of the sky! Researchers also noticed that newborn children sufferfrom many diseases as a consequence of the above .

One of the Chinese performers decided to pull the airwith a special vacuum cleaner for 100 days. It turned out that the dust collected during this time wasenough to create a brick, which was then built into the walls of the Beijing skyscrape. According to PulsBiznesu, this year Beijing is planning to spend 2.7 billion UDS on air cleaning in the capital. This moneywill go towards a destruction of old enterprises and a rise of construction of coal-fired power plants,aswell as a reduction of old cars emitting harmful fumes.