Chloe realizing the consequences of their poor decisions

Chloe Glynn AP LanguageBurke 24 January 2018 Argument Final Essay Everyone has seen that one kid that blasts his music through his white old ear buds, or the table full of teenage girls who rigorously scroll for miles on their phones. The youth of today are constantly immersed in the new technology that promotes nonstop communication and laziness. Technology is a negative influence on us because it separates individuals from reality. Infact, humans tend to abuse the internet without realizing the consequences of their poor decisions which can affect their social life, health and lead to the mistreatment of others. Obesity is the leading concern with young children and adults, the calorie intake isn’t the problem, it’s the absence of exercise. For example, diabetes, strokes, and heart diseases are directly correlated. With all the new technology emerging, we need to make a habit of exercising daily. Just 30 minutes a day can greatly improve your overall health, so getting off the internet to better yourself, is something everyone should challenge. ¬†According to Serving Kids Hope, “children spend an average of 7 hours per day watching TV, playing video games and using the Internet. The maximum recommended time per day is one or two hours” (Brandon Farmer). Children are abusing the privilege of the internet according to the article by Serving Kids Hope. Individuals who don’t spend time away from the internet often miss out on opportunities and experiences. Coming home from a late night of school work and stress, my dad sat bundled up with his four best friends on the back seat of a Honda Civic. All of a sudden, the operator of the vehicle got a phone call. As he was reaching for his buzzing phone, he lost control of the car causing him to swerve off the curvy road and smash sideways into the intersection of the highway. Luckily, my dad was the only one hurt but was put in a coma for six months and underwent many long surgerys. From that point forward, my dad’s health is an example of the mistreatment use of technology. The upbringing of new technologies has made it easier for young people to stay in touch with friends, family members, and even strangers from around the world. But in today’s era there is a dark side to being this connected. Bullying is a result of a strong individual attacking the weak. It seems to happen through physical violence, verbal abuse and cyberbullying. Cyber bullying is found in also every high school today, since the explosion of social media platforms. Younger teens and perhaps adults find it easier to mock or provoke others over technology, because it is not a face to face interaction and they don’t know the consequences of their words. Today, some researchers say that, “Young people who report experiencing verbal, physical, or emotional harassment have shown that 18 percent had also reported being cyber-bullied.” (Vitelli, Romeo). I believe technology has negatively impacted us in our everyday lives in many ways. For example, it disconnects us from reality, obstructs communication, and complicates our health. Even though technology can be beneficial, it is important to understand that it shouldn’t consume all our time and individuals should not be overly dependent on it. We benefit greatly from the advancements of technology, and we don’t deny it, but society must be able to utilize technology in the best way possible. Word count: 628CitationsEvidence 1: Vitelli, Romeo . “Does Technology Make Bullying Easier?” Psychology Today , Media Spotlight,6 Apr. 2016, 2: Farmer, Brandon. ” Childhood Obesity and Technology: Overcoming the Challenges.” Serving Kids Hope, Statistics and Research , 1 July 2015,