Choice Of Career In Management Essay

Prepare a short essay of 600 words on yourself in the space provided below.

You may wish to talk about your background, significant events, accomplishments, experience at your workplace, extracurricular activities, relationships with friends and family, career plans and how the Post Graduate Programme in Management from IIMB fits into your dreams and ambitions. Please make sure that your essay forms a coherent whole.I am the only child of my parents which is a great responsibility on my shoulders. I approach every moment of my life with passion and dedication. As my father is a doctor of ECL, we have stayed in Kulti. I received my schooling there and have now shifted to Kolkata. Being a final year Btech student I feel that I am old enough to realize my true self. Throughout my life I have had the support of my friends and family.

My parents have always respected and readily accepted my decisions and never forced me to follow theirs. My mother has always guided me accordingly and my busy father took out time for me whenever possible. With years passing by, my parents let me out of their nest to make me fly.When I came to study in Haldia I started living in a hostel and took decisions for myself for good or worse. I have been very frank in sharing my thoughts, views and problems with friends. They have encouraged me in every sphere of my life. As I am driven by a strong force to excel in whatever I do, I maintained both my academics and extra-curricular profile.

No matter whatever hurdle comes I have always maintained a good academic record. Being the head girl of my school I learnt and implemented the code of conduct and improved my leadership skills.The guidance and interest of my parents has helped me to get trained in both classical music and painting. Both of them give me a piece of mind, a way to express my feelings creatively.

As a college cultural and fest committee member I achieved excellence in organizing events and delivering efficiently while working as a team. As a responsible citizen I voluntarily worked for Help-Age India in school. To utilize my creativity and knowledge, I joined the wall magazine committee as a Hindi editor. A person’s life is full of incidents and events, some funny, some tragic and some memorable.Some events are etched in my mind, one of them was my mother’s accident in which she was seriously injured. During this phase I learned my responsibilities as a daughter.

Cracking WBJEE and getting the chance to become an engineer was a dream come true. When I decided to go for MBA I started to prepare for CAT. The call from IIMB was a reward to my patience, hard work and perseverance giving me an opportunity to enter in this esteemed fraternity. In the final leaps of my 21 years, there are a few things I have done and some I strive for.I want to become successful by attaining the standards I have always dreamt of. Making my parents happy and proud of me has always been my priority. In the near future I see myself as a responsible executive taking broader decisions both strategic and futuristic which will take my company to greater heights.

Doing MBA will add practical and professional perspective to my technical knowledge. For achieving this, specialized PGP from a highly esteemed institute like IIM Bangalore will be the best.I will be able to learn the basic approach to management studies, combine academic knowledge with professional outlook for climbing up the corporate ladder successfully. The excellent 49 year old alumni network will be best for first-hand interaction with its extremely prestigious members from different domains. Thus in short getting into IIMB will help me fulfill my dreams and utilize my core expertise in subject to practical application and thus have a bright future in corporate world.