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Intercultural Mixer and Interview with Amin Hani Ahmed Alhassan from . Saudi Arabia


Let us all meet
Amin Hani Ahmed Alhassan of Saudia arabia , he is a very interesting
fellow.  Aimin is from in East of Saudi
Arabia in the Arabic Gulf. Saudi Arabia is one of the most controversial
countries in the World. This country has featured in media due to its diverse
culture and the beliefs of its people. It is an Islamic state, there sharia
laws are strictly followed. Although, people argue that this is the country
that leads in gender, discrimination, the citizens of this country believe that
this is a norm. to understand more about this country, I interviewed an young
man name Ahemed AIhassan who came to the united states from that country on
various aspects and in this paper, I will highlight the answers he give in the

Once again Saudi
Arabia is a country that is a state that is located in Western Asia and it
occupies a bulk of the Arabian Peninsula. This state has land that is about
2,150,000 km2. This state is geographically the 5th
largest state in Asia and when compared to the other countries it is the second
largest state in the Arabia world after the Algeria. When Ahemmed told me that
I was totally fascinated by that number I thought it was cool that it was the 5th
largest state in the country that makes me wonder how big the state of PA is in
the USA. Saudi Arabia is also bordered by several countries. Some of the
countries that border Saudi Arabia include Jordan and Iraq to the north. In the
east of Saudi Arabia, we have the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Qatar. To
the north Saudi Arabia is bordered by Kuwait, Iraq, and Jordan. Also, the
country borders Yemen to te South and Oman to the southeast (Saudi Arabia guide). The country is separated from both Egypt
and Israel by the Gulf of Aqaba. This is the only country that has two coastal
areas the Persian Gulf and the Red sea. The Terrain of the country consist of
both the Mountains and the Terrain.

A majority of the
Saudi Arabia areas are illustrated by desert climatic conditions that have high
temperatures during the day and a sudden decrease in temperature at night.
Saudi Arabia also experiences very low rainfall throughout the year. Since the
country is affected by the subtropical high-pressure system this country
experiences huge variations in both the humidity and the temperature (AIhassan)

The two climatic
conditions that exist in this country are clearly felt in the interior regions
and the coastal areas. Also, the country’s summer average temperature is about 45°C, but at certain
times this temperature rises to 54°C. During such times, the country
experiences intense sunlight that is followed by very cold night. In this
country, during winter, the temperature rarely goes below 0°C but due to the absence of humidity the
country experiences cold temperatures (Saudi
Arabia guide).
The country experiences an average temperature of about 29°C during and spring. The climatic
conditions that are experienced in Asia are influenced by the Indian Ocean
monsoons that are experienced during the month of March and October.

Saudi Arabia is a
country that has unique values and believes. For instance, some of the main
values in the country are hospitality, respect for the relatives, selflessness,
chastity, willingness, and modesty. These values are directly related to the
country’s belief’s
because the values that are a result of their beliefs’. As told by Aihassan
believing in certain laws from Islamic nature affects their home values.  F For example, in this country, women are not
allowed to socialize with the males especially the male native individuals that
do not have parental relation. (Cultural
Homogeneity and Values).

In Saudi Arabia,
people believe that family is one of the most important social institutions.
This is because, according to them, family is what is considered to be the
basis of status and identity. In addition, in this country families form
alignments with the other families that share similar interests and lifestyles.


Aihassan also told
me something very interesting that In Saudi Arabia people are normally tolerant
to social mistakes that arise ignorance. However, people are expected to
understand the local customs because it is an indication of good manners and
brings about a peaceful coexistence. In Sadia Araba this is one the most gender
segregated state and several areas such as restaurants, and shopping malls have
regions for women only. When businesswomen want to meet their male
counterparts, in most cases they are expected to be escorted by another male.
The country has a strict dress code and men are expected to wear long trousers
and long-sleeved shirts. Shorts and short sleeved shirts are not allowed. Women
are expected to cover their hair and wear a black garment. (Aihassan)

Aihassan’s favorite holiday that is celebrated in
his country is the unification of kingdom day. Some of the holidays that are
celebrated in Saudi Arabia include the unification of the kingdom day in this tradition
his people are celebrating the establishment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by
King Abdulaziz in 1932. This isn the only hufge celebration celebrated on September
23rd. This is the day when Saudi Arabia was founded. The other
religious days that are observed include Eid Ul-Fitr, and Eid al-Adha
which  has been celebrated many times at Northampton
Community College.

There are specific
greeting rituals that are observed in Saudi Arabia that Aihassans has shared
with me. For instance, an individual is expected to greet people on the
right-hand when entering a room. It is good to use people title and full name
when greeting an individual, however all conversations are expected to start
with “Al Salam Aleikum”
which means may peace be with you. While greeting a man hold hands but a man
cannot hold hand of a woman unless they come from the same

            Aihassans has also shared that Visitors
are expected to smartly dress and they should remove their shoes on arrival and
be give slippers. Visitor are also expected to arrive about 30 minutes late
since being on time is not their norm According the Arabian culture visitors
should accept the Arabic coffee and dates. Visitors should also show respect by
greeting their elders first and stand when they come into the room. There are
several food that are served in Saudi Arabia. The best-known dish in Saudi
Arabia is Kapsa that is prepared by roasted meat and rice. Some of the
tradition foods that are consumed in Saudi Arabia include ghee, dates, milk,
millet, goat, camel. Since this is a Muslim country they do not take alcohol
and consume meat that is not ritually slaughtered. (Bloch).

A majority of the
people in Saudi Arabia do not have the ability to build their house but a
majority of the people live in rented houses. In the country, in most cases the
indigenous people and the expatriates do not live in the same house. Women are
not seen in the house except by a close family member. Houses are well
maintained and in good quality.

            In an  sadia arabia  family is respected and is considered to be
the basis and each person is expected to belong to a given family. All people
are expected to respect their parents and elders in the family.

Girls and men who
have not married are not expected to public talk or be seen in public holding
each other. Women are not also allowed to date an expatriate and those who date
or sleep with them bring shame to the family and the society (Bloch).
Marriage is respected and sleeping out of the wedlock is punished by death.

Saudi Arabia has a
polychromic time system. This is because they allow doing of several things at
the same time. In Saudi Arabia people are expected to maintain respect as they
communicate. Shouting is not allowed. Verbal communication is characterized by
saying yes and people are not expected to say no. communication is also
friendly. People are expected to maintain an eye contact when talking. This is
because this is considered to be a sign of respect. Men are not expected to
stare at women (Bloch). People are expected to have a
formal facial expression and smiling is expected during greetings.



Saudi Arabia is
considered to be a high context country. This is because visual campaigns that
have a lot of images tend to appeal to the audiences. In Saudi Arabia men are
allowed to hold hand when they walk and women can hug each other. However, men
and women are expected to keep distance.


In Closing, there
are several things I have learnt about Saudi Arabia, the first one is that the
country is characterized by a desert climate, it is the 2nd largest
country in Asia. Also, in Saudi Arabia, there is a lot of gender-bias, there is
a lot of respect, and the institution of marriage is highly respected. I also believe
that students from all types of majors should be doing this interview project
so they can learn a lot about other people so everyone can finally come
together as one and respect each other.































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