Hipaa Risk Assessment Essay

Diabetes is a lifelong disease in which they are high levels of sugar in the blood. The body does not produce enough insulin and a person with diabetes has high blood sugar. Type one diabetes requires a person to inject insulin. Some symptoms of diabetes are blurred vision excess thirst fatigue frequent urination. There are TV’0 types of diabetes type one and type two. It is a major risk factor for heart attack and stroke, and the second leading cause of blindness and kidney failure. Diabetes can also be major reason why individuals have their legs amputated.

Medical treatment for diabetes does little to lessen its effect on heart attack and stroke. The primary risk factors for type one diabetes are a family history of this long life chronic disease. Obesity or being overweight is the primary reason for developing type two diabetes. The first thing need to do is get a checkup to help decrease some risk factors for diabetes. My body weight is high so by working out and losing weight can help me in many other areas and can make a significant change in developing diabetes. I can also try cutting calories and replace high fat foods with lower fat alternatives.

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Paying attention to the portion size of food and reading nutrition labels to learn how many calories are in my food will help. Eating more vegetables can lower the risk of me having a heart attack or stroke. My family has a history of diabetes so that puts me at risk for this disease so really need to take precautions and try doing all the things that will not put me at risk. Will continue to work out and stick with my schedule because people that exercise makes the body more sensitive to insulin, lowering levels of hormone and preventing a rise in blood sugar. I am at high risk for getting diabetes.