Cigarette arrests through the conduct of the city’s

            Cigarette smoking is the leading
cause of death. Many Filipinos die due to smoking-related diseases. It is
rampant nowadays and people tend to use cigarette despite its harmful effects
into their health and also to the people who inhale the smoke of the cigarette.
In addition, smoking is considered as the most prevalent bad habits in the
whole world.  According to World Health
Organization, reports shows that at the age of 15 years old and above, 22% of
the world’s population are smokers and about six million people die because of
smoking or any exposure to the smoke of cigarettes.

            In the United States, one out of
every five deaths is caused by smoking making this the most leading preventable
cause of death at this time (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC,
2002). However, the National Center of Health Statistics (2007) shows that in
the past 50 years, the percentage of smokers has been decreasing little by little.
Reports showed that in 1965, 41.9% of Americans smokes while only 20.8% were
reported smoking in 2006. Undeniably, the percentage is decreasing gradually.

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the Philippines, cigarette smoking is one of the most effective killers because
it brings different diseases that cause the death of the people at any status,
sex and age. The Department of Health confirmed that in every hour, about ten
(10) Filipinos die because of smoking, according to the study of Rodriguez
(2016) on Gender, Tobacco and Taxation. Furthermore, cigarette smoking is
mostly associated with men but recently, women are caught in smoking

Davao City, the city is tough in their anti-smoking ordinance that is highly
amended by the council. Even though it is one of the toughest cities, there are
still a huge number of smokers in the city. In 2016, the Davao City Police
Office made 3,343 arrests through the conduct of the city’s anti-smoking
drives. In connection, an ordinance is implemented under RA 9211 the Tobacco
Regulation Act of 2003 headed by Department of Health (DOH), mandated by
President Rodrigo Duterte and led by Secretary Francisco Duque III praised some
organizations like Local Government Unit (LGU) because their execution of the
regulation is predominating. Also, some regulators in Southeast Asia support
100-percent Smoke-Free movement which starts in a single city of the