Cim Ame June 2009 Sample Paper Essay

Professional Certificate in Marketing (New Syllabus) 521 – Assessing the Marketing Environment Time: Date: 14:00 – 17:00 2nd June 2009 Three Hours Duration This examination is in TWO sections and ALL tasks relate to the pre-seen case study. Candidates must complete ALL tasks. PART A – comprises FIVE compulsory short answer tasks and is worth 40% of the final mark. PART B – comprises THREE compulsory extended answer tasks and is worth 60% of the final mark. You are required to give your answers to PART A and PART B in the CIM answer book provided.

DO NOT repeat the task in your answer, but show clearly the number of the task attempted on the appropriate pages of the answer book. Please start a new page for your answers to PART B. You will be given a clean copy of the case study on the day of the examination. Your written analyses of the case study must include your CIM membership number on each page and should not exceed FOUR A4 sides. The written analyses must be submitted within the back cover of your answer book with a treasury tag, as appendices on completion of the examination.

Rough work and notes must be written into the answer book or on supplementary sheets and must be clearly identified. © The Chartered Institute of Marketing 2009 Assessing the Marketing Environment Exam June 09 – New Syllabus PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE IN MARKETING ASSESSING THE MARKETING ENVIRONMENT PART A – Answer All Tasks (40%) Task One Define the following terms and briefly explain their significance to Toyota: • • • • environmental technologies sustainable growth trade barriers globalisation. (8 marks) Task Two Identify TWO implications of oil price fluctuations, and briefly explain how hese affect Toyota. (8 marks) Task Three Explain the term ‘product quality’ and illustrate its significance to Toyota. (8 marks) Task Four Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a multinational plc, such as Toyota, in comparison with a national private company. (8 marks) Task Five List TWO significant natural environmental issues facing the car industry and describe ONE opportunity and ONE threat that EACH of these environmental issues represents for Toyota. (8 marks) (Total 40 marks) Assessing the Marketing Environment Exam June 09 – New Syllabus PART B – Answer All Tasks (60%)

Role You are a Marketing Assistant for Toyota and have been asked by the Marketing Manager to prepare a short report for circulation to the Marketing Team. Based on your knowledge of this unit and your analysis of the Toyota case study material previously provided, carry out the following tasks. Your previously prepared PESTEL and SWOT analyses must be included as appendices to your report. Task Six Toyota manufactures cars in many countries rather than taking a more centralised approach to manufacturing. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of this approach to the organisation during a period of economic uncertainty. 20 marks) Task Seven Discuss the benefits and limitations of different types of market information available to Toyota when forecasting market potential AND monitoring competitor activity. (20 marks) Task Eight Evaluate how Toyota’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities could contribute to achieving economic sustainability in the difficult period ahead. (20 marks) (Total 60 marks) Assessing the Marketing Environment Exam June 09 – New Syllabus Moor Hall, Cookham Maidenhead Berkshire, SL6 9QH, UK Telephone: 01628 427120 Facsimile: 01628 427158 www. cim. co. uk