Cindy Hamilton Essay

The personal information that you incorporate into your portfolio can greatly reflect on your abilities as an individual as well as become a useful tool in marketing yourself to employers, and corporations.

A portfolio does not take the place Of a resume, but it can accentuate your abilities and what you can offer in a chosen field. How will Optimal Resume aid you in your job search? Of the eight tools available on the Optimal Resume website, examine which ones you think will be the most helpful to you.Every section has fields for a section name and section content. When entering content, you will notice a toolbar above the editing field. This bar contains helpful features to format and guide your writing. 1. Bold – bolds highlighted text 2. [ Italic – italicized highlighted text 3.

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Underline – underlines highlighted text 4. Text Color – allows you to change text to a color selected from the palette 5. Eraser – removes any formatting applied to selected text 6. Bullets – adds a billeted sit .Link – inserts, changes, or removes a hyperlink to another website 8. Resume Table – inserts a table into your table can set the number of rows and columns for your table after clicking this button. How can you use the sample resumes and cover letters provided to create your own unique resume and cover letter? You can use sample resumes and cover letters to be as a guide for your own unique resume and cover letter.