Cirilo in the poem have multiple meanings, particularly

Cirilo Bautista’s love for words is
unconditional because he would read anything that he could even the unimportant
ones. As a child who grew up that expose in filled of literature his word will
bear of thoughts, perspective and beliefs that might often difficult to
understand like his poem “A man falls to his death”. In this poem, it presents
the reality and similarities between what happened and the Laws of Physics and
Geometrical Mathematics. Languages and words used as well as the geometrical
theories introduced defeat the real motivation as to why the man would want to
end his own life, as manifested in parenthesis quotations all throughout the

 I discovered that the last letters for each
line are the same by pairs although not certainly rhyming when it comes to the
syllable, except for lines 17&18, 19&20, and 27&28, which goes more
for the sound than the letter. Some words used in the poem have multiple
meanings, particularly with the use of mathematical terms everywhere. However, it
gives broader view concerning the meaning of the literary piece. The words such
as dictum in line 16, fallacy in line 21 and 
axiomatic in line 12  it means
that Law = mistaken belief = ‘self-evident’ = unproven but considered to be
true Integral in line 10 which means ‘required, complete’ = relating to whole
units, numbers Contingent in line 25 which means true only under certain
conditions = ‘group of people’.

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In this phrase, “He was on the noon
shift forging the dream to a reality fine mean could slumber in” alignment of
“dream” and “reality”. It is used of two contrasting and opposing words in the
same line, as well as the words noon and mean besides them. I found out that
the word “mean” implies middle, intermediate or medium and
“noon” means mid-day I think it is the most important period of
something. It’s probably pertaining to the climax of something like the point.

          Besides that,
in the phrase, “(None noticed the leap; what they saw was the red
imprint)”, I think the red imprint involves blood on the concrete. The
line used presenting another compliment to the “Phi Phenomenon” wherein
everyone only seeing the end but not actually seeing the means.

          In the line of
18, “Mass, energy emits equal to zero” it means free fall common term for any
motion that, in theory, is determined solely by gravitational forces. I
discovered a person in free fall experiences weightlessness.

          It is all
about death the Individual’s final, complete extinction. The poem ends but not
entirely. The ellipsis symbolizes continuation, a conclusion still to come. It
shows that it is now up to the readers to conclude whether the man in the poem
committed suicide or was actually somehow murdered indirectly by the men of the
company he was working for.