CiS Week Essay

The company needs to implement an IT infrastructure.

Describe the infrastructure and argue which Of the four characteristics Of an IT infrastructure (dependable, manageable, adaptable, and affordable) is the most important to consider when acquiring IT infrastructure support components. Support your response. The next book describes the four characteristics of IT Infrastructure as follows: Dependable Dependability means that the infrastructure meets availability, reliability, and salability requirements of the company’s information systems and applications.Manageable – IT infrastructure determines the complexity of managing hardware and software required to deliver dependable applications. Adaptable -? when additional application capacity is needed, organizations are able to scale up the infrastructure as needed.

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Affordable In today’s IT reality, dependability, manageability and adaptability are not as significant as affordability. (Turban & Volition, 2011, p. 46) I think that dependability is the most important characteristics of an IT infrastructure. Without it you could be faced with down time when a system fails.

It also becomes a matter of life in death when you think about hospitals, chemical and nuclear plants or even 911 dispatch. If the system fails lives could be lost or hazard that could have been avoided if the system functioned properly. It is also key to the growth of a company you don’t want to put a system into place that won’t meet future growth in the company. References: Turban, Afraid & Volition, Linda. (201 1).

Information Technology Management. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. CICS 500 Week 2 DO By chichi’s