Citation and Argumentative Research Paper Essay

Pro’s and Cons of Abortion Evaluator: Angela Moore What was the thesis statement of the essay? Abortions, an unethical practice of termination should be illegal because it is considered murder, can cause physiological and medical problems, and reduces the number Of adoptions. How was the introduction? Did it grab your attention? If so, how? If not, what could have been done differently? The introduction was good and it did grab my attention by showing interesting facts.Did the author make a strong case for their argument? What was the strongest argument that was made? Lacked evidence for the arguments, not strong enough arguments.

What was the weakest argument made? Arguments were all kind of weak How well did the author incorporate: Facts? Yes Anecdotes? No Quotes? There wasn’t many quotes in the paper. How well did the author follow the PAP formatting and citation requirements? What could have been done differently? The PAP Format could use a little more work but overall it was fine.The preference page needs to be finished. How well did the author do with using correct grammar and punctuation? Were there any specific areas that he or she needs to work on for future papers? (Be specific) There were a few spelling mistakes and the sentences had much grammar (Passive Voice mostly) problems Could you determine a Christian worldview in the paper? If yes, what was it? Yes there was a Christian world view, abortion is a sin.

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Did the conclusion wrap up the paper without introducing new information? Yes but you need to work on length.