City of Kelsey Essay

City of Kelsey At the request of the City of Kelsey, Team Bravura was hired to provide an impartial assessment of the effectiveness of the City’s website. In keeping aligned with the founder’s vision, the focus of the website is to maintain a close-knit community in an earth-friendly manner. The website should assist current and future citizens of Kelsey informed about City business, operations, and events. The following analysis focuses on demographics, a review of the current website, and the future look of website. Goals

The primary goal of a website is to provide current and accurate information regarding the subject in a logical and entertaining way. This website is an advertisement for the City, providing a forum for community awareness and a go-to source of educational, entertainment and travel information. In addition, it will also be used to communicate the business of the City and provide resources to the latest agricultural news. Analysis To build a best-in-class website for the City of Kelsey, a review of the dynamics of the City’s general population must be completed.

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Demographics The City of Kelsey is a community of 625,233 situated primarily in an agricultural area, with a focus on being earth-friendly. The population growth rate year is less than 2% year over year. According to the 2000 U. S. Census, the majority of the community is comprised of individuals between 16 and 54 years of age, with a high school diploma, and an annual salary of $35,000 or less per year and a large majority living under the poverty level. (U. S. Census, 2000) Current Website

Understanding that the attention span of the general population is limited to 10-20 seconds per page, entering the City’s website to a long text file does not encourage further reading. The site could be managed in a more entertaining fashion to provide a fresh experience and generate excitement. Appearance When first entering the website, the colors used are green, blue and yellow, and white. In addition, there are multiple shades of green. There is a preponderance of text and little in the way of visuals. Content Site content is heavy on text and light on media other than pictures.

Site Navigation All information is accessed through a basic navigation bar on the top of each web page with the City’s logo constant on the left. In lieu of providing additional information, a small block of information about each highlighted area is given. This limits the accessibility by other businesses within the City. Site Layout While the site in general looks very clean, all information is laid out in block format on every page. In addition, there is no information for youth or teens, the primary users of a website. Recommendations

The goal of a website is to provide a vehicle of communication to which the general public keeps returning. Focus on positive advertising of City to her citizens and potential visitors, by highlighting areas such as education, employment opportunities, current calendar of events, as well as history and other City business functions. Team Bravura’s recommendations to update the City’s website are: Appearance Keep to a color palate of no more than 3 basic colors. Include a variety of media options, such as video, tables, links, etc.

Make the site more interesting by creating different looks for different pages. Content The content of the website should play to its audience – primarily the citizens of Kelsey. An added benefit would be to use the website to attract potential citizens and travelers looking for a “back to nature” experience. The site should be dynamic and updated on a weekly basis. Site Navigation Users should have the ability to link to any page at any time from any page. Site Layout The following areas should be included: employment opportunities; ntertainment or a Calendar of Events, travel recommendations such as hotels, local attractions; community awareness activities; City business, Chamber of Commerce, etc. Conclusion We believe the City of Kelsey is in a prime position to escalate their web presence. Kelsey’s current website, while informational, is not keeping users abreast of the current business and cultural events of the city. Team Bravura is poised to refresh the City’s web pages to make the user’s experience not only informative, but entertaining as well.