Claim Letter Essay

Contempo Interiors 7575 Frankford Rd, Dallas, TX 75252 Phone: (214)134-1388 Fax: (214)700-9888 http://www. contempo-interiors. com October 13, 2012 Mr. Mzad Hussein American Custom Wood 1625 Lack shore Rd, Dallas, TX 75252 Dear Mr. Hussein: Your company has been our first choice for a long time when it comes to decorating luxury homes. American Custom Wood provides the best quality mahogany doors with great durability and strength. We also adore the incomparable beauty of your doors very much.

On May 17,2012, we ordered a solid mahogany door, “Provence”, for our renovation work for a client. However, when it arrived on June 28, 2012, our carpenter discovered that the door size is not the same as the measurement we provided. Our employee gave you the measurement of the door is 12 feet 2 inches, but the door is measured 11 feet 10 inches. We were very disappointed and surprised of this fact since we were expecting a precisely crafted door from you. The good news was that our carpenter is able to rebuild the opening between the door and the wall with a charge of $940. 0. Please authorize and consider this additional charge as a reimbursement for sending the wrong size door. We proposed this as a win-win solution that will save you the cost of returning the door and the waste of a finely- made door. It is a pleasure doing business with you. We are looking forward to doing more business with you in the future. The attachment is a copy of the invoice, which is the additional cost for our carpenter’s work. Please send us a check for $940. 50 per the amount on the invoice. Sincerely, Zoey Cheng Owner, Contempo Interiors (Enclosure)