Class President Speech Essay

Hello, fellow eighth graders! I hope that you’re all paying attention, because believe me, this speech was not easy to write. I don’t want to waste too much time, so let’s jump right in.

I believe that the ideal class president would have a set of brilliant qualities- intelligence, perseverance, the list goes on. However, we’re all human, and we can’t all be perfect presidents. Some qualities that I possess that would be suitable for class president are openness and fairness. I can’t really say intelligence because I’d sound a bit cocky, and our whole class is really quite smart.

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Friendliness and kindness are important qualities to have, and I say that the two go hand in hand. If you have a comment or a suggestion, but the class president is practically unapproachable, what is the point of having a class president? The class president should not be some being on a pedestal, he or she should be someone that you can talk to, ask questions, et cetera. Openness is also an important quality to possess. If a class president is unkind or close-minded, and he or she shoots down everyone’s ideas without even once considering it, the class will never be the product of everyone’s ideas and help. It is my goal to gather everyone’s inputs and make sure everyone is satisfied and content with the way our class functions.

I also try to be fair in the ways that I resolve conflict. I really do hate it when our classmates fight, because a fight means taking sides, and if you take the wrong side, that means trouble. I want to prevent arguments from occurring, to make sure that our last year at Edison can be as enjoyable as possible.

I feel that sometimes I am trying much too hard, or not hard enough to be responsible. It’s rough when you can’t find the balance point, but I am 100 percent willing to give the role of class president my all. I would love to represent our class as president. I really love our class, and I love Edison. I’ve been with most of our class for a very long time, and I’ve grown to love everyone like a brother or sister. Edison has become the place where I belong, and I truly cannot imagine being somewhere else.

I want the student council to be full of leaders. According to the nearest dictionary, a leader is “the person who commands a group, organization, or country”. I must disagree a little here. While this is one definition of a leader, we do not need this kind of leader in our classroom. The leaders we need are the ones who will help solve the problems, not ones who command others to solve them in their place. We need strong leaders for a strong class. As Franklin Roosevelt once said, “A good leader inspires others with confidence in him; a great leader inspires them with confidence in themselves.”

This is our last year, class of 2014. This is our last year to be together as a group, to make our mark on the school. With the help of the student council, I hope to make this year successful and amazing, but most of all, I want to see our class really go places. Thank you.

((Note: I won class president with this speech, I hope it helps you!))