Class president Essay

Hi I’m Brianna and I’m running for class president. I’m asking for you guys to listen to my ideas to make our sophomore year memories, even better than this years. So, basically I want next year to be even greater than watching Nikki get sundae’d by Eckmen or maybe even better than the time Tyler ran into a spinning umbrella. I feel I’m completely compared to take on the task of being sophomore class president. I really want to change things for the better in this school rather than let next year just slip by without doing anything. I have volunteered at many great events, like the daffodil festival and Reach the beach and I hope on participating in even more school events next year. I should be elected for this position because all year I’ve worked really hard to volunteer as much as possible, participate in sports, keep a 4.00 GPA, and I truly care about everyone in this class.

Many people have said that class presidents don’t have much power compared to the student body president and I want to be the one to change that ideal by creating and modifying different things for this class. For example this whole year I have never been on a field trip. Maybe a few of you have, but I feel we still need more of them, or at least a celebration for surviving another year of high school. In order to have more field trips we will have to raise more money by having fundraisers that I would help organize. Also if there were more fundraisers there would be many more opportunities to get your volunteer hours in, which looks really impressive on a college application. In addition, in my personal experience in volunteering helping out your school can be tons of fun.

Another Idea I have is to alter the off campus lunch rule. Instead of not being aloud to go off campus at all, I feel it would be a fair decision to change it so that people on honor roll are allowed off campus for lunch. I think it would inspire everyone to get better grades. One last problem I would like to fix is sports practicing times. Many people in this grade play sports, some of us play many sports and others would like to play more, but the way sports seasons and practices are set up makes it very difficult for students to participate in more than one sport at once. For example, people trying to do dance and basketball at the same time had to warm-up in basketball practice and run to the other gym and change for dance. If scheduled correctly I believe this problem can be easily avoided by changing practice times so they coordinate with each other. If any other problems come up in the school year I will be willing to listen to the sophomore class and try to work with them. If elected I will be very committed to being a great class president. I would like to thank the others running for the position for taking the time to write a great speech. I also want to thank you guys for listening and I hope I didn’t bore you. Even if I’m not elected I would love to help contribute in the plans for next year from the candidate that wins, but you should still vote for me for class president. Bye