Classification Essay

The die-hard “ Dude the Packers didn’t make the playoffs, what am I going to do every Sunday? ” The bandwagoners “Oh the Giants won the Super Bowl? Of course they’re my favorite team! ” The every-day fan “Can’t believe the Packers lost, oh well we’ll get me’ next week”. Those are the three types of sports fans: the die-hards, the bandwagon and the every-day fan. The die-hard fans are the fans that breathe and bleed their favorite team’s colors.They’re the ones who have their room painted the colors of the team they love (like myself). They are the fans that watch every game no matter what they have to do; they will find a way to watch their team. When their team looses they’ll be as upset as if they were a player, or a coach. They are the fans that when the seasons over for their team, the season is over for them as well, there is no alternative, no second team that can come any where near their number one.

Now for the most hated fans in all of sports, the bandwagoners. The bandwagoners are the fans that no body and when I say no body I mean no body likes. They are the fans that have a new favorite team every week.

They are the fans that all of a sudden love the teams that just so happened to win the Championship the year before. They are the fans that every real sport fan despises. Lastly, we have the every-day sports fan.The every-day sports fan is the most common sports fan out there. This type of fan is found in most people, they stick to their one favorite team, but aren’t to crazy about sports in general but when they do watch the game the team they will be rooting for will be the same team week in and week out.

These types of fans are found in children that like the teams their parents like, or just a kid that loves sports but doesn’t follow them much and just know about their favorite team.