The category of friends like social partners Essay

You normally don’t miss them when they are elsewhere. It is also this type of friends who give you the most amount of aggravation. Since most of the time you are placed in a position where you have to act friendly, such as school or ark, you would not normally tell an acquaintance when he or she is doing something aggravating, such as tapping the fingers an a table or chewing gum loudly. This is why I call them “pest friends. ” The second category of friends I call “social partners. This is because they are closer than acquaintances, but no where near as close as a true friend.

Social partners are usually acquaintances who evolve into “guest friends” through increased extracurricular activities. You know their name, a little of what they like or dislike, a little of their family history, and usually have several things in common. As the saying goes, “Birds of a feather flock together,” so too the social partners have to have several things in common with you.

Keep in mind, though, that the biggest thing that distinguishes a “best friend” from a “guest friend” is the fact that “guess friends” usually don’t converse about anything substantial or deep, such as their desires and fears. Usually, “guest friends” toy to keep the topic of conversation happy and light. You still do enjoy hanging out with them. But when the going gets tough, they are not there for you.

The last type of friend is the “best friend. ” Normally, you know them the longest. You probably grew up together as children.Likewise, you know everything about him or her.

They are basically like family. You would have no problem if they spent the night at your house. You know each others quirks and habits and can always tell when there is something wrong. You would not hesitate to share your deepest feelings or thoughts with them.

“A true friend will see you through when others see that you are through. ” A true friend has no problem correcting you when you are wrong, or being stern with you when you are out of line. Likewise, a true friend will love you like a member of his own family.