Classification of meat & Shellfish Essay

The meats for which there is the greatest market in America are pork, beef, veal, Iamb, and mutton. The consumption of the various kind of meat was estimated to be approximately 62 pounds of pork (including cured pork products but not lard); 78 pounds of beef; 10 pounds of veal; and 4. 3 pounds of lamb and mutton. It is generally accepted that beef cattle yields a higher percentage of edible meat and meat of a higher quality than dairy cattle, whose selection has been made wholly on the basis of milk and butterfat production. Beef carcasses are classified on the basis of age and sex.The specific classes are steer, heifer, cow, stag, and bull. Steer is a male castrated when young.

Heifer is a young female which has not yet borne a calf. Cow is a female which has borne a calf. Stag is a male castrated after maturity. Bull is a mature male, not castrated. VEAL Veal is meat from immature animals of the bovine species. The best veal carcasses are usually from animals 4-8 weeks of age and may be of either sex. The minimum age for killing is 3 weeks. The maximum was formerly 3 months but now the term “calf” is applied to animals slaughtered from 14-52 weeks of age.

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Calf carcasses are from more mature animals of the bovine species that have passed beyond the veal stage but have not yet taken on beef characteristics. Calf carcasses have some of the characteristics of veal but as many or more of the characteristics of beef. The flesh and fat are firmer than those of veal, and the flesh is a deeper red. LAMB AND MUTTON These are the flesh of young animals of the bovine species. Sheep carcasses are classified as lamb and mutton, according to the age of the animal.

Lamb. Lamb is usually limited to those under 12 or 14 months of age.Lamb is from nouns animals up to about 1 year of age, although the exact age at which lamb changes to mutton is somewhat indefinite. Mutton. Mutton is the flesh of the mature sheep more than 20 months of age.

These carcasses have passed the lamb stage. Most of the meat from sheep is marketed as lamb or yearling. Yearling carcasses are heavier than lamb, and the flesh is darker in color. Yearling is the best of the mutton class.

PORK pork is the meat of swine. Good quality pork is from young animals usually seven to twelve months of age.