Classifications and Motives of a Violent Criminal Essay

Many say that a psychologically disturbed criminal is unaware and cannot be held accountable for their actions but what follows shows that may not be the case and there are many steps in achieving an answer when asking the question “why’. “Consider an insane person who perpetrates an assault because he has a delusion that his victim is trying to influence him with radio waves. If he is irresponsible it is because he doesn’t realize that his assault is wrong. Compare this with a man ho is drunk and who knows he should not assault people but whom, in his drunken defiance, just doesn’t care.

(Nice, 1962 p. 14 up. 3) To read this graph, for example: _ Disorganized murderers had a 70% likeliness to isolate, conceal their victims and the crime scene after the murder.

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_ The child molester might build a relationship with their victim before an assault takes place and uses manipulation, power and persuasion to keep the crime a secret (Nice, 1962). The question might arise at this point that if the crime should be kept a secret, does the offender understand the difference between right and wrong?In this authors belief, a child molester of most instances falls into the category of will and character. Under other circumstances, a sexual predator would only fall into a classification of thought and feeling if the offender does not understand why it is a crime (Nice, 1962). Why? Of course, even after research and grasping the understanding of court process, it is nearly impossible to determine what might play a role in a violent criminals behaviors or what might trigger these destructive and terrifying impulses.