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From what I have gathered, the AquaTeale Supermarket has 15 types of output. All these different, and important kinds of output can be generated on the word processing package, Microsoft Word. They are: 1. Letters to Clients: these are letters to the clients of the company stating different sorts of things, like the number of items going to be delivered, etc. These are very important documents both for the company and their clients, and they have to be sent on time and should look very business – like so as to convince the client that the AquaTeale Supermarket is the right company to choose for their requirements.

2. Letters to Suppliers: These are the letters to the manufacturers and suppliers, and are also important to both the company as well as the supplier. 3. Invoices: A document that is used for invoicing/ recording sales of items, stating the date, number of items sold, rate at which the item/s is/ are sold, and the person/ company to whom it was sold. These are essential to keep stock of items sold, and also, to enable easy audit of accounts. 4.

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Brochures: These are important forms of output used for advertising so as to show the different companies around that there is such a trading company in the state, and also to persuade more companies, especially supermarkets and retail outlets to purchase items from the AquaTeale Supermarket. 5. Letterheads: These are included in the letters that the company types out to identify the company, and to make the letter more business – like. These usually contain the company’s name on the top with a logo, and the company’s address at the bottom. 6.

Receipt Vouchers: These are documents (voucher) acknowledging receipt of goods, and are important for the company’s clients to keep a record of the goods they have received. 7. Goods Issue Vouchers: A document (voucher) acknowledging the kind of item sold to a client, and the date of issue, etc. , and important as stock control has to be improved, so fresher and better stock is kept. 8. Goods Return Vouchers: this is a document created in case some of the goods that have been supplied to the company is spoilt, broken, or faulty, and requires replacement.

This document will be sent to the supplier/ manufacturer for compensation for the faulty goods. 9. Envelopes/ labels: These can be done on MS Word and can be used to make the work look very business – like and official. They are generally used as official office stationery. 10. Survey: This is used to obtain information by asking the employees of the company and also, at times, the clients, and the information is used to bring about changes in the way the company does business. It’s used for the overall development of the company.

11. Employee of the month award: This is an award given to the best employee in the company. Different employees usually win the award, and this is a great morale booster, and this improves productivity in the company. The awards, usually certificates, can be designed on MS Word. 12. Passport release forms: These are forms given to employees leaving the company for their vacation, or due to medical reasons, or if their work contract has expired and cannot be renewed, or for any other certified and justifiable reasons.

These basic forms are mostly data capture, and can easily be designed on MS Word. 13. Weekly sales reports: These are reports on the work that has been done during a week stating information into different fields, which include whether new clients have been found, the amount of money earned per week, how many goods have been ordered, how much money they cost, how many goods have been sold (as in packed and delivered), and whether the money for the items has been received. 14. Monthly sales reports: These are basically weekly sales reports, only on a bigger scale.

It compares the results of each field, especially sales, and is used basically to find a way to improve sales, and to make decisions based on the results. 15. Maps: These are used when a new store or office is opened, or when a store or office has changed its location and these maps are used to inform customers of the new opening or location. Using MS Word, all these kinds of output can be created very easily and neatly, too. Here, we will take a look at how MS Word can be used to create all these documents effortlessly and easily.

Letters to Clients and Suppliers: These are any sort of letters the company would send to a client/s and they have to be presentable and neat so as to uphold the company’s good name. First of all, using Microsoft Word, we can put in a header, showing the company’s name, etc. , and a footer, showing the company’s P. O. Box Number, telephone number, and different branches, if any. I can do this by going to the ‘ View’ menu in MS Word, and simply selecting the option, ‘Header & Footer’, and straight on the screen appears a small, elongated, dashed – line box with the title ‘Header’ (at the top of the page), and ‘Footer’ at the foot of the page.