Climate example there are many applications created

Climate Change is impacted by technology because it is integrated with our everyday lives. For example there are many applications created to help humans with everyday tasks such as couponing, listening to music/radios, Homework apps, etc. Some of the apps in these categories are Spotify, Flipp, The HW App, etc. There are also many attempts being made in order to get hybrid/electric cars in the market. Hybrid cars run on fuel and electricity, when the car is moving it runs on fuel, but when slowed down or stopped altogether it saves fuel by switching to electricity, and electric cars run on electricity, but they needed to be charged in order to be used, just like a device. Cars that run on gas impact the climate because every litre of gasoline that is used, about 2.3 kilograms of Carbon Dioxide gas is generated. Something companies should do is make prices of electric cars cheaper, so more people will buy them and also help reduce CO2 levels. Another things companies should do is make cars that run on fuel more expensive, making people want to buy electric cars. Climate change impacts the society because as we continue to burn more fossil fuels, and to increase the Greenhouse Effect, the planet’s condition can worsen potentially disrupting seasons and causing climates around the world to change. Although, there are some members of society who believe climate change is an “expensive hoax”, that person is Donald Trump, the President of the U.S.A. This goes to show that one of the biggest country’s leader doesn’t believe global warming. Careers that work towards improving the state of climate change or research to find out the problem are Climate Change Specialists, Solar Photovoltaic Installers,  Meteorologists, Climatologists, Environmental Notifications Operations Officers, etc. A famous canadian climatologist is David Phillips. He had taught high school for a short time, but He was later on hired by the Meteorological Branch of Transport Canada to conduct research on the Great Lakes in Ontario.He had also received many awards for his accomplishments such as Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, Order of Canada, and many more.