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The pull shot is played on the back foot but this shot has less risk than the hook shot because if you play the shot properly then you will probably hit the ball over the ropes for a six. For these back foot shot you have to watch the ball carefully and spot the length early because by doing this you will get into position quicker which will enable you to have more time and this could result in a clinical finish to the shot. Basically if you put all these techniques together you will be a perfect cricketing all-rounder as long as you perform these attributes on a regular basis, by this I mean that the player should show consistency.

Power is another component, which can enable the bowler to bowl at a quicker speed and it may also improve the fielders throw to the keeper because the ball will now travel quicker through the air which will mean that it could reduce the amount of runs because a good throw will put pressure on the batsmen as a result the batsmen may not take the risk on taking an extra run. Power also enables the batsmen to hit the ball harder as result this should give the batsmen more of a chance to hit boundaries because now you will have the power which will enable you to get better timing and enable you to clear the rope and hit sixes.

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THE PARTICIPANTS STRENGTHS By analysing Nazim’s performance I can clearly say that bowling is his strength. He has a good upright action, which enables him to extract good bounce from the pitch. He also bowls a good length this shows me that Nazim has good co-ordination because this is what enables Nazim to bowl a good length on a consistent basis. This is what enables him to take wickets and help his team keep the opponents score down. This therefore shows me that Nazim is an attacking bowler because his has the ability to pick up wickets.

I have also stated that he bowls a good length which shows me that he is a consistent performer, but it must be taken into consideration that he lacks fitness and must train if he is to play at a higher level of cricket. To increase stamina and increase his muscles work rate he could increase his cardiovascular and muscular endurance. This will enable him to perform for a longer time and this will also make his muscles take a longer time to get fatigued. Nazim is a capable fielder he can catch the ball and he is good at walking in and applying good pressure at the batsmen.

This in theory reduces the batting team’s runs because the will not take a risk on taking quick singles because a run out may occur. Also he moves easily in the field, which shows me that he is very agile because he has the ability to anticipate very well and this enables him to be very balanced because he anticipates that every is going to be hit at him as a result he is very balanced and very co-ordinated in his movement because the ball could be hit straight at him or it could be hit to the left or to the right.

This is why I have outlined these skills because these are the skills required and Nazim has these skills. He has the ability to hit the ball because when playing his shots he swings the bat and due to the speed created Nazim is able to get a good connection with the ball. A positive feature of his game in batting is his bat speed because this skill enables him to get the right timing and the output of this is that he has the ability to hit boundaries. However sometimes he lacks power because he shows early signs of fatigue and this makes his performance less effective.

He is also very enthusiastic and has positive attitude this shows that Nazim has good mental strength and that his enthusiastic attitude influences the team this enables the team to compete more efficiently. This shows that Nazim is a very aroused person because he always wants to perform to the best of his ability and wants to always win. He is aroused because he has intrinsic motivation and that is to prove to him that he has the ability to play at a higher level, he tries to do this by trying to perform to the best of his ability each time he plays.

I class this as strength because aggression and competitiveness is the key to success in sport. THE PARTICIPANTS WEAKNESS Although Nazim has many positive attributes he also has many negative attributes such as: * He does bowl a good length, but his bowling lacks variety because he doesn’t seem to use his brain while bowling. This is the case because once Nazim finds a good length he carries on bowling it and after a while Nazim bowling becomes predictable and this is when the batsmen gets on top of him.

When this happens he does try to change his line but it either becomes to short, which is a long hop (a really short ball can be hit anywhere). Or he bowls it to full, which makes the ball a full toss or a half volley these balls can be easily driven with no risk. 1. Nazim needs to practice different types of balls because by doing this it will add more variety to his bowling and it will make him less predictable. 2. He also needs to use his intelligence by bowling different lengths he can do this by practising these bowling lengths.

Nazim must make his run up smoother because he has a tendency of bowling no balls (When he over steps the white line). Due to him having a poor run up Nazim doesn’t use the flexibility of his legs and he doesn’t use his abdominal muscles. I say this because when Nazim bowls he doesn’t get side on and he doesn’t push his left leg up because by doing this he will be using his body efficiently and due to this he will also be using his muscles more efficiently and if he does this he will realise that his pace will increase. Although Nazim is a good bowler he doesn’t have a built figure it is more like a skeleton figure.

Although his has good height the lack of muscle in his body doesn’t enable him to bowl as fast, therefore the bounce he gets is not very effective because it lacks the sting behind such as the pace. 1. To help Nazim improve his run up I advise him to remark it. I would then tell him to count the number of paces in the run up. Then I would tell him to practise his run up. Once he has done this done I would tell him that his last few paces are where the skip takes place and by this I mean that the left leg is pushed up into the abdominal and this will help Nazim bowl with more pace.

After this I would advise Nazim to practise many times and then tell someone to guide the line. He will only do this when he has the confidence in himself. 2. Due to Nazim having a skeleton figure I would advise him to hit the gym and to start training his shoulder muscles and his abdominal and his legs muscles I would advise him to do this because Nazim has a skeleton figure and by doing weight training you will be using your muscles for a longer period of time this will mean more muscle will be built and this will enable Nazim to experience cardio hypertrophy.

3. I will also advise him to go on the running machine for a long time, this will build muscular endurance and it will enable Nazim’s muscles to be uses for a longer time. These exercises will enable Nazim to perform more efficiently and to bowl with more venom.