Clocks and Smiley Face Essay

On the front cover of the graphic novel Watchmen, there is a yellow smiley face badge with blood spatter on it. In this graphic novel, the badge belongs to the character, Eddie Blake who also goes by the name Comedian. The Comedian was a member of the Minutemen and the Crimebusters. From the years 1971-1985, he wore this badge consistently. The badge did not always have the blood stain on it, it was not until he was attacked in his apartment one night.

The attacker through the Comedian out the window and the badge came off of his clothes and was washed into a gutter.When the Comedian was buried, Dan Dreiburg dropped the Comedians badge into his grave. There is a lot of hidden messages, symbols, and motifs through out this graphic novel. Some of the symbols through out the book are the use of clocks and watches, the doomsday clocks, Rorschach’s mask, the Comedian’s badge, and the slogan “ Who Watches the Watchmen. ” All of these symbols have more meaning and makes more sense the farther you read into the novel. When the Comedian’s blood spatters onto the badge, it makes an arrow shape and symbolizes a couple of things.The blood spatter looks like a minute hand on a clock, and it is pointing twelve minutes to twelve which is connected to the doomsday clock.

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The doomsday clock is used in the book to show when the world going to go through a global disaster. The badge has a happy smiley face on it, and when the blood spatters on it, it symbolizes that there is imperfection in the world and it shows that the belief that everything is perfect is never perfect even though that is how we want it to appear to be.In every chapter, the badge appears in some sort of way and there is meaning to why it shows up in the comics. In chapter five there is a poster of Buddha with a yellow sun that is spattered with a spot of blood. The blood that is splattered on the sun, is covering Buddha’s left eye. On the badge, the left eye of the smiley face is covered also.

In chapter seven, pages one and four the Silk Spectre is in Dan Dreibergs’s house going through his basement and finds Nite Owls’s goggles.The goggles are dusty and when she wipes off the dust it makes the same blood like pattern that is on the smiley face badge. Also in chapter seven when Dan Dreiberg is looking outside at the moon, there is two water drops that look like a pair of eyes and there is a cloud that looks like a smiley face. When Dreiberg wipes the window to make it more clear through the window, it makes the same blood like patter that is on the badge. There are other circumstances where the smiley face badge with the blood spatter shows up through out the book, or is symbolized in some way or form.The badge appears on the first and last pages of the novel, and acts as a recurring motif. The author also has a recurring motif with circles, with the badge and other images through out the novel for example the clocks.

When first looking at the cover, a person would now know what meaning the smiley face with the blood spatter has through out the book. The badge shows the reader that once the doomsday clock reaches twelve, the new world with be stained, like the smiley face, because the old world is built on falsehood.