Close Reading Analysis Old Man And The Essay

Old Man and the Sea the boy and the old man are talking ABA out baseball and The Greater DiMaggio. They enjoy talking about baseball because besides fishing, it is their passion. Santiago (the Old man) says to Mammalian (the boy), “Have faith in the Yankees my son, think of the great Joe DiMaggio” (17). Saint ago says this to Mammalian during their conversation in his shack. They talk about baseball I before

Mammalian goes to fetch the sardines for bait for the next day, and Santiago ad narration for DiMaggio is obvious. Joe DiMaggio becomes a symbol both of manhood a ND of overcoming for Santiago the next day while he is battling the great fish. He cue TTS his hand and thinks about how Joe DiMaggio keeps playing even though he has a bone spur; this gives him the strength to catch the fish. The fish is personified a lot I n this passage/ book.

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The old man often refers to the fish as a human being that he is in a battle with giving him many womanlike qualities. The old man has not caught a fish in many days. He does not lose hope out of the respect of Joe DiMaggio and often n refers to him and his bone spur and his toughness while landing a very large fish “If he can do it, so can I. ” As the passage contain uses, they continue to discuss the old man’s struggles.