Closing Arguement Essay

Why Gender Inequality Should Be Stopped Women have never been fully able to conquer what they know they can. Men are supposed to be superior to women, and women are supposed to just accept t hat. Why? Why do women have to be discriminated against because of their gender? This dis crimination against women may be holding someone back from doing or being somethin g great. The world could be better if some women were given a bigger opportunity to succ eed. What good does it do to stop women from attending school and steal their education aw ay? This needs to be stopped.

Gender inequality is a very real and scary issue that is happening all over the world. In some places women are forced into marriages where they are abuse d and not even allowed to get a divorce. Other places, women aren’t even allowed to drive! pe ople need to become aware of gender inequality and help equalize it, whether they are mal e or female. If men helped stop gender inequality in some places it would help increase the equality so much. This issue needs to be known Of how dangerous it is for helpless wome n at any age. Gender inequality has become a world known issue, but it has not become kn ow n nough to be stopped.

If over half the population came together, both men a nd women, and realized this issue was too dangerous and needs to be stopped then, it could be stopped. One big thing that needs to happen is that society has to stop blaming women for gender inequality.